Monday, May 23, 2005


Back in the run up to the Iraq invasion, Tony Blair was trying to stampede the people of England into war, pretending that Saddam might bomb London, bizarre as that sounds. "45 minute warning for an attack," he said ernestly while hiding the fact that he and Bush plotted this war for over a year and were desperately trying to find some excuse to hang their sorry hats on.

Dr. Kelly, like so many WMD inspectors and negotiators with Saddam, stood up and basically said there was no danger. Because of this, he was hounded mercilessly by the Blair and Bush people until he committed suicide. The BBC was the news agency that ran his story when he was "anonymous" and it was the entity that finally betrayed him to his masters who then tormented him literally to death. So who was punished for all of this? The illegal war, the harrassing of a man to death, the conspiracy to lie about WMD?

The BBC! Shoo the messenger! The head of the BBC resigned and then Blair took revenge on them, cutting their budget and especially attacking their news gathering abilities. Does he want a feeble, weak minded, stupified press like we have here in America?

Obviously, yes.

BBC goes on strike:
The BBC's flagship Today radio programme fell victim to a 24-hour strike by thousands of journalists and technicians today. The programme was one of many due to be disrupted by the strike, the biggest to hit the corporation for more than a decade.

The normal mix of news and high-profile interviews was replaced at 6am by a repeat of In Business, followed by a repeat of a programme made by Tory MP Kenneth Clarke about jazz music. News programmes will be badly affected by the stoppage which was being held in protest at controversial plans to axe 4,000 jobs. There was a brief news bulletin on Radio 4 at 6am in place of the usual Today broadcast, which was then followed by a pre-recorded programme.

There was a similar arrangement on Radio Five Live where the normal output of live news and sport was replaced by short news bulletins and pre-recorded programmes. On BBC television, the normal Breakfast programme screened a shortened live bulletin followed by pre-recorded items.

The National Union of Journalists, BECTU and Amicus said they expected 11,000 workers to join the walkout. Picket lines began at midnight at Bush House in central London and BBC TV Centre in Shepherds Bush.
We assume there was some bitter joking about the name of the house of the BBC. As the pall of brainless stupor blankets one of the world's greatest nations, now it is moving, like a toxic smog, over to our allies. No news service in the world rivals the BBC for depth and breadth. It is the premier news organization, bar none. Period.

And Blair intends to muzzle it. There are many who wish this. They want to live in their own reality and this is the way to do it, imitate Stalin or Hitler and have no dissenting voices and moreover, no one but the rulers bellowing over and over the same messages they want us all to robotically not only obey but believe in. This need to be propagandizing is very powerful. For if you rule minds you rule destinies. And our rulers desperately want to force us to their own conclusions.

In America, the rulers have so completely slipped controls that obvious questions and necessary answers never happen at all. Just like when the Senate rubbed out Galloway's testimony, this raised not a peep in American press gaggles. They really don't care or understand or worse, are co-conspiritors in keeping the populace at bay and ignorant.

Bush just muzzled poor little Newsweek by forcing them to not use "anonymous sources" except for his own, of course. In other words, no one can dare spill the beans anymore. And this, after Ken Starr leaked information, illegally, like he was some Titanic at sea! Now, everyone is piously saying they won't run whistleblower stories like the true story about desecrating the Koran, for fear of irritating the rulers. This most secretive of governments now has closed another outlet for information. And so it goes.

Eventually they will try to shut down even this small news service, the Culture of Life News.

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