Monday, May 09, 2005

The NYT Whores Whine About Blogger Ethics

Culture of Life News never ceases to marvel at the main stream media press and their need to flail away at us little gadlfies. Obviously our stinging has caused them to rebuke us most strongly. The latest tool they have decided to use is "blogger ethics". I feel like I am a little old lady in hat and prim dress with an umbrella being accosted by a high heeled made up like Medusa slit skirt street whore who screams at me, "You hussy!"

The Latest Rumbling in the Blogosphere: Questions About Ethics" screeches the painted Gray Lady of the NYT.

Bloggers like to demonize the MSM (that's Mainstream Media), but it is increasingly hard to think of the largest news blogs as being outside the mainstream. Bloggers have been showing up at national political conventions, at the World Economic Forum at Davos and on the cover of Business Week. Establishment warhorses like Arthur Schlesinger Jr. are signing on to write for Arianna Huffington's blog collective. And Garrett Graff, of FishbowlDC, broke through the cyberceiling recently and acquired the ultimate inside-the-Beltway media credential: a White House press pass.

Ticked off by this slap in the face, I wrote to the NYT this editorial which you can bet they will never ever publish since it talks about the raffish underclothing the whores wear:

Every day we see in the "mainstream media" many articles and stories lamenting the fact that bloggers, most of whom are, like myself, self paid and self sustaining, don't have "ethics". This worry about our collective ethical lack is being touted by what we like to call "media whores". I suppose there is some sort of ethical stance in selling oneself to corporate masters. Can't alienate the advertisers! Especially the political advertisers who pour millions of dollars into the maw of the media every election and in between elections. The corporations give the parties money who then funnel it into the mass media who devour this money without batting a pretty eyelash.

Most of us bloggers don't get a penny of this financial flood.

Indeed, even the big players like Kos or Atrios get precious little money this way. Many of us refuse any corporate or political slush money. This, I suppose, makes us totally unethical? My blog,, tracks the news on many levels. This blog can't compete with the New York Times. But it can comment on the New York Times and it is read by an audience who are intelligent readers tired of the media lies and evasions and misinterpetations. We have picked up these readers because the obfuscations the New York Times indulges in as the paper tries to shoe horn reality into a very small box is very irritating. For example, the paper of record talks about reporters getting permission to go to White House press gaggles and wonders if mere bloggers can get in yet doesn't inquire about how an online male prostitute using a false name, "Jeff Gannon" got in and even stayed overnight quite a few times. This story was broken by bloggers, not the corporate press. Indeed, to the amusement of the blogger left, to this day, the media refuses to understand they have helped hide an open whore. This whore story is a sore story that can't heal by itself. Attacking us for breaking it is beyond silly. It is sad.

We used to bother with Fox TV, for example, but that is a hopeless cause. We concentrate on the Times because we assume there are people of some intelligence working there who can be reached somehow despite the need to massage corporate powers.

Alas, this is becoming a futile project. The New York Times gets way too much money for advertising $500 shoes and $20 million dollar condos in Midtown and of course the Northrup ads selling military high tech equipment. Obviously, the readers of the New York Times are buying jets. This obvious conflict of interest is considered normal only because all American mainstream media makes money this way.

I feel, since I have no bone to chew but my own, my ethics are about as clean as they can possibly be. I do have a point of view. Everyone has one. I am a liberal. There is no hiding this. I don't pretend to be "neutral" which is what the New York Times likes to pretend. No one sane is neutral. It is physically impossible to be neutral.

Even Gods aren't neutral.

If the New York Times wants us to be like them there would be no need for us to even exist since we would then be working for the same companies who have an agenda that is lovingly protected by the mainstream media. Like Janis Joplin sang, "Freedom is another word for nothing left to lose".

I hope to see the major media renounce taking money for advertisements and I do hope they all clean house and become as pure and clean as Culture of Life News and other blogger papers.

Thank you,

Elaine Supkis
editor and publisher
Culture of Life News

209 Greenhollow Rd
Petersburgh, NY 12138
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