Sunday, May 29, 2005


General Potemkin

Several years ago, posters at's Table Talk used to alert each other to take cameras to Bush photo ops to get the truth. We discovered the photo ops, with the collusion of the millionaire owned media, were totally fake and falsely reported. In one famous example that we posted on line at TT was the pictures of Bush doing a Habitat for Humanity press op.

He had the whole neighborhood locked down, whizzed in, used a brand new hammer to hit one nail, hit his thumb instead and then while laughing, pretended to raise a wall but didn't touch it with his hands. All this took about 15 minutes. The press reported, "The President spent the day building homes for the poor". We then showed the press these pictures and the time spent and guess what?

They told us to shut up.

Then Bush pretended to work on a trail for a day. He breezed in, we had photographers on a far hill with a telephoto lens. No one was allowed within a 1,000 yards but we got a photo of Bush using a brand new shovel with the label still on and again, he worked for 15 minutes and left.

Confrontation was hopeless.

Then we found on line the video of Bush goofing off during 9/11. We yelled about that for over a year until Michael Moore picked it up and put it in a movie.

Well, looks like we can cheer a newspaper today. The San Francisco Chronicle covered a Schwarzenegger photo op and they told the truth.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger traveled to a quiet San Jose neighborhood Thursday, and -- dogged by protesters -- filled a pothole dug by city crews just a few hours before, as part of an attempt to dramatize his efforts to increase money for transportation projects.

The choreographed press opportunity -- at least the governor's fourth recent event involving transportation issues -- seemed aimed as much at thwarting the demonstrators who have followed Schwarzenegger for weeks as grabbing new attention for his proposal.

Schwarzenegger strode toward television cameras on Laguna Seca Way to the sounds of the Doobie Brothers' "Taking it to the Streets,'' while flanked by 10 San Jose city road workers wearing Day-Glo vests and work gear. After speeches by the governor and city officials, a dump truck backed up and unloaded a mound of black asphalt and, as television cameras recorded the moment, Schwarzenegger joined the work crew, taking up a broom and filling the 10-by-15-foot hole, later smoothed over by a massive roller truck.

"I'm here today to let everyone know that we're going to improve transportation all across our state,'' said Schwarzenegger, highlighting his proposal to fully fund Proposition 42 and restore $1.3 billion in transportation money to the current state budget.

The governor's brief San Jose appearance, announced at the last minute, left some residents scratching their heads.

"For paving the streets, it's a lot of lighting,'' said resident Nick Porrovecchio, 48, motioning to a team of workmen setting up Hollywood-style floodlights on the street to bathe the gubernatorial podium in a soft glow.

Porrovecchio and his business partner, Joe Greco, said that at about 7 a.m. they became fascinated watching "10 city workers standing around for a few hours putting on new vests,'' all in preparation for the big moment with Schwarzenegger.

But their street, he noted, didn't even have a hole to pave over until Thursday morning.
Seems a typical GOP Pravda photo op for TV. They evidently dug up a whole length of roadbed for this. Note also the new shiny equipment and vests and such. The lighting, all this....spoiled by demonstrators who incidentally, also watched him and the media manufacturing a news story using props and fake doo dads.

So today I wish to salute the wonderful reporters at the SF Chronicle. Thank you for telling the truth. If all our media was like this, Culture of Life News would have to fold the tent and go off to work in the garden, instead.

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