Monday, May 09, 2005


World Charter for Prostitute's Rights

This is truly "hahahaha" news! Way back in the Stone Age when the media still talked to me but were getting really annoyed, I did a series of comic articles within the NYT which looked like the real thing. Each article was peppered with "sources say" and it was truly a great joke because no one could tell them apart from the real thing.

This was deep in the middle of that unholy mess, the Clinton impeachment push.

My, times have changed...NOT. But tired of us bloggers laughing at them, the mainstream news media is reduced to begging, yes, begging Bush to stop the "sources say" off the record stuff. Maybe they will ask about Gannon's sleep overs, too. Naw.

D.C. Bureau Chiefs Launch Push to End On-Background Briefings

By Joe Strupp

Published: May 03, 2005 11:45 AM ET
NEW YORK Washington bureau chiefs have launched a new effort to stop off-the-record and background-only White House press briefings with a campaign aimed at getting fellow D.C. journalists to demand that more briefings be on the record.

Among other efforts, they pressed the demand with White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan on Friday. "We tried to make the point that readers are sick to death of unnamed sources," said Ron Hutcheson, a White House correspondent for Knight Ridder. "Scott listened and he said he would chew on it for a few weeks, but everybody felt like he would give it consideration."

McClellan could not immediately be reached for comment Tuesday morning.

I can see them now, at the Press Club dinner, laughing with Bush as he smirks, "No WMD here" as he pokes fun at his criminal unprovoked and illegal attack on Iraq. Ho ho that they are done laughing as Laura lies about Bush yanking the tool on a stallion (stallions are very dangerous especially when they get aroused, trust me, I trained some such) they are back to business as usual: whining about their whore status. "Please, treat us like Condi," they whine. "Treat us as if we are serious journalists, not paid hacks who write meaningless drivvel".

Poor babies. I wish I could help them. I tried and tried and for my efforts, was kicked in the teeth.

"We'd like to make a more concerted effort among the media during the month of May to raise objections as soon as background briefings are scheduled by any government official, whether at the White House, other executive agencies or the Hill," the e-mail said, in part. "Please ask your reporters to raise objections beforehand in hopes of convincing the official to go public -- ask them to explain why the briefing has to be on background. If that doesn't work, object again at the top of the briefing -- at least those objections will be part of the transcript. The broadcast networks will also press for briefings to be open to camera and sound."

The e-mail went to more than 40 D.C. bureau chiefs. Those who signed the e-mail were: Susan Page of USA Today, Clark Hoyt of Knight Ridder, Andy Alexander of Cox Newspapers, Robin Sproul of ABC News, Doyle McManus of the Los Angeles Times, Philip Taubman of The New York Times, and Sandy Johnson of Associated Press.

I note that none of the NYT or WP signed this email. They wouldn't dare. It might upset future dinner plans. And interfer with them laughing at Laura's jokes.

"The briefers show up on TV a day later after giving us a group grope on background," Johnson told E&P. She added, "We are obviously under pressure from our bosses who don’t like anonymous sources."

Oh, the Gannoning of the press! "Group grope" indeed. I thought they all did it doggie style. No wonder Gannon the Male Prostitute didn't stand out. They thought he was just nifty and indeed, he his own style, to each their own, whatever floats your paperboat.

Taubman said he would direct more of his reporters to respond to background briefing rules with such protests. "We will make it a more systematic practice of challenging the background press rules," he told E&P.

But none of those involved were ready to boycott such background briefings. "We think this is an appropriate first step," Johnson said. "We have been successful in working with press spokesmen and we'll see where this route gets us."

"We shall overcoooooome," the reporters sing. Hey, why isn't this protest REPORTED???? Eh? Too personal? Did it have to leak to a very obscure, in house publication, which, by the way, has published the editor of Culture of Life News in the past. I will update this story as the stirring events happen. I bet they will all sit down at a lunch counter together and refuse to leave. Or maybe a bar. Better a bar. Bartender! A drink. On the house.

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