Saturday, June 04, 2005

MEDIA MESSES Loud Denials, Quiet Affirmations

Looks to me like a demonstration about Koran abuse, not antidemocracy demonstrators
Newsweek ran a rather obscure story that hid deep in the recesses of the darker corners of the obscure story a tidbit about the Koran being "flushed down the toilet." This then blew up hugely as anti-Koran desecration demonstrations rapidly formed across the planet. I watched the foreign news with dismay. The people demonstrating understood the underlying truth: America is on a crusade to crush or corrupt their religion just as bin Laden suggested.

To cope with this the American right wing media machinery began a tidalwave of often contradictory lies and churned information in twisted ways. First, the mighty Wulitzer began to attack Newsweek itself. They didn't attack the writer, Isikoff, because he is a tool of the right wing in general. Indeed, the fact that he "broke" this story and the following events and the fact that he wasn't fired for "lying" tells us a great deal about this manufactured outrage. After just a few days of fake outrage in the vast spectrum of right wing punditry, Newsweek withdrew the story and promised to never talk about such things again.

The Pentagon and Bush then sat back, happy as a cat that ate a bird, and thought this was all over. To manipulate events further, they then issued denials that the anti-Koran abuse demonstrations where American soldiers shot and killed Muslims in Afghanistan, were "pre-planned" and "anti-democracy". I looked at many pictures in many countries during the demonstrations. Not one demonstrator, speaker nor sign said anything about democracy. All the signs were about Koran abuse and all the speakers talked nearly exclusively about this. So why did the American media try to strain to swallow that gnat of a lie?

For it was a deliberate psy-ops performed on the American people.

Now utterly confused, the true stories are leaking out thanks to Amnesty International and others who are doggedly going after persistent reports that prisoners were tortured, abused, beaten to death and the Koran was repeatedly violated. I am constantly astonished at the childishness of the guards, the fact that Lyndie England never visited Gitmo yet the same tortures happened there as in Iraq and the desecrations of the Koran are serious enough.

They didn't flush it down the toilet, they merely pissed on it! Great distinction...oh, in the opposite direction. This is worse. They didn't flush it down the toilet, they merely put it there and laughed. Aha! Another fine distinction! They kicked it around while cursing the prisoners. OK. At least they didn't piss on it...oops. They did. And so on.

Two American soldiers in Afghanistan were blown up today. The pissed off Taliban and the pissed off peasants all thought this was a real pisser. In Iraq, the hatred rises by the hour. The dying Saudi corpulent corrupt ruler who is in charge of the Holy Place, Mecca, says nothing, the Saudi Royals say nothing, bin Laden grins with dire joy as the men he intends to destroy leave themselves open to more attacks as their slack support of Mohammed's Bible devolve into drooling moronic assent to desecration. Bin Laden tagged us all correctly as far as the Muslim world can see. We are the Devil.

As usual, the stories leaking out about the American war crimes, for it is a war crime to desecrate a prisoner's religious books, comes on a Friday afternoon. This is so the media won't talk about it. Of course, the media complies by not talking about it very much and certainly won't attack Bush and his gang for attacking Newsweek! Instead, there is desultory acknowledgement of the facts of the matter and then the usual "move on, move on".

Meanwhile, the rising story about slavery in Gulf allies' nations rises. The plight of the kidnapped/sold into slavery camel jockey children broken in England thanks to the hazardous attempts at uncovering this criminal activity conducted by a few brave non-reporter civilians horrified at this business, finally sees the light of day in America. I read about this last month but didn't cover it, alas, because of events but it is a sad and terrible story.

Even as Rumsfelt bloviates about freedom he and Bush remain utterly dense about our "allies" enslaving women and children illegally for slavery is illegal in these countries now. Our media stayed silent, too, because they are in collusion with the Saudi/Gulf sheikh. This is why Saudi Arabia wasn't attacked after 9/11. This is why they are all doomed in the coming struggle to see who controls Mecca.

In the run up to the Iraq war the media would spew out the administration's rank lies and then any contrary information was buried deep inside stories or back pages. And the American public falls asleep at the wheel figuring it is impossible to sort through all this stuff.

Clear headlines and clear time lines can fix all of this but this means connecting the dots and providing background history, a big no-no these days.