Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Women sit on ground, priests on stools and royalty on chairs in ancient Egypt

We had to endure two election cycles with the news media, owned by very rich men who want to manipulate public opinion, pretending to be horrified by "patrician" behavior. Each cycle, the press revs up their motors and screech their tires as they launch attacks on populist Democrats, accusing them of being bri-eating wine sipping effetes. Why rich people want to attack the Democrats is easy to see.

They want to completely alienate the working class and isolate them from each other so they can be easily dominated.

So this last election, two Skull and Bones frat rats ran against each other. Truly populist people like Dr. Dean who was still a Yalie, were ruthlessly driven from the field for saying things or looking uncouth. Yet at the same time, the blathering and brutal talk of Bush and he uncouth ways were lauded as the salt of the earth. Pretending Bush, a man in a bubble that doesn't allow contact with any humans not carefully screened before hand, and you can bet, the Bush machine screened Gannon/Guckert very carefully before letting that fake reporter/online prostitute sleep over at the White House!

Well, now that there is no need to project a false image and since over 50% of the American people are frustrated with/intensely annoyed by Bush, some of the press are allowing us to peek behind the curtain. From the Houston Chronicle:
Coming to office after the more casual Clinton administration, Bush imposed a strict dress code and standards of promptness for employees, visitors and even the rumpled press corps.

Bush once famously needled Adam Entous of Reuters for entering the Oval Office with a loosened tie.

"You look fine today, Adam. The tie," Bush told Entous, during a brief audience for reporters with the prime minister of the Netherlands.

Bush, who rates sartorial lapses only slightly below pagers and cell phones going off during his speeches, was being sarcastic. He really didn't think the loose tie was fine.

"It's not as bad as a beeper violation. But it's getting close," Bush said.

Bush recently hosted South Korean President Roh Moo-hyn in the Oval Office, where he was visibly annoyed by the nonchalance of visiting South Korean newsmen.

Members of the White House press corps understand that, as a rule, touching the furniture in the Oval Office is strictly forbidden. Even when Bush brings a group of journalists in for an informal chat, he does not invite them to sit.

So it was with unconcealed consternation that Bush sat through a brief question and answer session with the South Korean president, while two sound engineers from the South Korean press corps sprawled on a couch to get a good position for the remarks.

The generally loquacious Bush delivered his comments in short, abrupt sentences with a tone of impatience.

So profound was his air of injury that at one point, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, standing against a wall, stepped forward to peer at the offending sound technicians.

Still, Bush's fastidiousness does know some geographic boundaries: Standards are eased when he is at his Crawford ranch. Taking questions after a meeting with Rumsfeld at his Texas retreat, Bush once mocked a reporter for arriving over-dressed.
Loquacious? Bush? Excuse me, I see very few actual quotes from him. He almost never appears in public without either a script in hand that he can barely read or a box fixed to his backside so he can parrot stuff whispered in his ear! I am suspecting his "loquaciousness" is entirely him goofing around, making fun of the courtiers, joking at other's expense and in general, messing around carelessly when he should be pursuing formal diplomatic functions.

This set up he has: total formality and caution, the classic ruling class favorite toy--denying people chairs and comforts---is yet another warning sign that our imperial imp intends to make everyone suffer as he sets up his royal house. This is why he and his killer hausfrau dare to lecture us about raising children while unleashing their pair of hellions upon the planet to run around, drunk and disorderly. The press carefully hides all these things for him because he gives the owners tax cuts and inheritance protection and promises to turn their children into the new royalty.

I wrote here a long time back about chairs. Ruling class people know instinctively that getting rid of chairs and couches is top priority. They want to lounge about, sprawling on chairs and reclining on couches while forbidding the mass of humanity the same privilege. During the Dark Ages and Medieval times, chairs were so verboten by the ruling elite that they were called "thrones" and the mass of humanity either stood or squatted on the ground or sat on benches or stools, even in private homes. The ruling class could enter any hovel or even middle class home without knocking and if there were any chairs, they would simply confiscate them.

Chairs are easy to make and there is no physical reason for everyone to not have chairs.

The ire shown by the Bush courtiers when mere cameramen dared to sit on furniture reserved only for royalty and rich courtiers is why we have to impeach Bush. Seriously, this is exactly what our founding fathers did not want. Some of the patricians running America tried to recreate royal perogatives but this was frowned upon greatly. Andrew Jackson threw open the doors of the White House to the rabble to celebrate his victory.

Bush has closed the White House, pretending that this is for "security" but before 9/11/1, a week earlier, he had a private party for the President of Mexico. No American rabble were allowed in. Not only that, he arranged for a huge fireworks display at near midnight. This giant affair was not announced to anyone. Not even the DC police were told about it. It lit up all of Washington, DC, but when the first explosions happened, people thought DC was under attack. Bush thought it was a great joke, scaring everyone. The part that pleased him the most was that he could do something that public and that illegal for it is illegal to set off fireworks like that, even in DC, he could do this with impunity and laugh in our faces. He had his "sun king" moment and thought himself very clever.

This should have been brought up during the last election but the multimillionaire running against his fellow multimillionaire frat brother never talked about all these things. Nor did the press. "People want to drink a beer with Bush," was the mantra, an odd notion considering that Bush is an alcoholic who claims he doesn't drink (snark).

What is particularly frightful about all this isn't the royalty stuff, it is the cultural collapse of this new peasant royalty. Unlike the Soviet Union which elevated the arts patronized by royalty so that some of the best musicians and dancers and artists came bubbling out of a very active system which combed the nation seeking talent and rewarding it. America's rulers have no interest in the ballet, opera, fine arts, fine cooking, beautiful architecture, we celebrate crassness and crudities. NASCAR trumps the ballet.

So now the fine arts are being starved to death. Once upon a time, RCA and NBC and CBS had their own symphony orchestras and broadcast opera. Now this is disappearing even from PBS!

Like the Roman empire, the building of stadiums and baths continued onwards as the arts collapsed. The ability to draw a nude, brought to perfection by the democratic Greeks before 300 BC collapsed so totally that by 100 AD in Rome, they couldn't sketch a Greek style nude without gross distortions. By 500 AD, the human form was as deformed as a tree root. Note that 100 AD was the time when Rome was the richest. Yet poetry and art died at the zenith.

This is why getting rid of chairs is so important. When a culture gives up producing great art, it reverts to eliminating simple comforts. The rulers have to keep a distance somehow.