Monday, June 13, 2005



Cheney, our supposed Vice President, was unleashed to do his usual attack dog act in the news. Standing behind his phalanx of reporters and bodyguards, he slashed at Dr. Dean, the Dr. No of the Democratic Party.
Howard Dean is "over the top," Vice President Dick Cheney says, calling the Democrats' chairman "not the kind of individual you want to have representing your political party."

"I've never been able to understand his appeal. Maybe his mother loved him, but I've never met anybody who does. He's never won anything, as best I can tell," Cheney said in an interview to be aired Monday on Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes."
This childish, full of open lies, retort of what is supposed to be the man representing the near pinnacle of our country, is pathetic as well as dismaying.

Why this supposedly adult man who shirked fighting for America during the Vietnam war, is allowed to fall this low without someone, anyone pointing out to him his lack of tact, gravitas....oh, he was supposed to be bringing "gravitas" back into the White House!

Lord Hee Haw is laughing his head off in Hades.

So, now we brace ourselves for the rush of reporters going to all Republicans and demanding they censor Cheney and demand he apologize....NOT.

As usual, dead silence. The words of Cheney are reported without comment. No editorials appear, chastizing him. Posses of puckered up pissant pundits aren't pummelling him (I could not resist this! Sorry!). The collective silence, the exhalation of air from the lungs of the Mighty Wulitzer is the sighing sound we all are hearing today.

"Huh? What?" seems to be the response. "Oh, that is old news! It happened yesterday! And besides, look! The missing white girl is still missing!" and they run away, tails tucked, laughing because they think they pulled off another trick.

Polls show that citizens of this country are turning off their TVs from the pundit parade. They are reading the news only to do what I do--dispute it. Readership of blogs has shot up. Alternative news on the web is taking off. The liberal voice, far from being silenced, is now a formidable tool for responding to the Mighty Wulitzer thanks to the internet that Al Gore helped along by providing the funding and the laws to make it available to everyone!

Thank you forever, Al. For that alone, I will adore you all my life.

We will wait in vain for the flood of stories of Republicans critisizing Cheney. The dead silence should be a warning to the Democrats: if a reporter asks you anything about a fellow Democrat, no matter what it is, say "no comment" if you can't agree with him or her! Period.

Until we break the back of the Beast, this is the only course the Democrats can take. To see one "organizer/operative" after another in the news attacking Dean, these stab in the back Democrats are the ones destroying our party. They don't need to yap to the Republican tools who mascarade as reporters! Recognizing reporters, for the most part, are GOP paid flacks means treating them like the enemies they really are. No Democrat can trust any reporter of any media right now.

This is war. The owners of these creatures have them on a very short leash. The move to unionize the media is dying on the vine and most reporters remain at their jobs only if they please the owners who want to have eternal tax cuts and monopoly/cartel markets and other things that will make them as rich as Hearst...who is facing a union strike at one of his papers today! Bet you read all about it in the mainstream press! Not.

We just witnessed an across the country/across the media blackout of world shaking news, the London war memos, and although a crack has opened, the second memo was reported by the Washington Post but not the NYT and not one TV station, this nationwide blackout means only one thing: the owners who talk to each other and their tools, the Republicans in DC, and they conspired to not cover the news or, like Kinsley who recently took over the LA Times, not reporting it but sneering about it on his editorial page calling it "old news" (!) because everyone knew Bush was lying about going into war which is why....well, we were there, we all saw how not only Bush but the Mighty Wulitzer screamed that this wasn't a preplanned war based on lies, they were telling the truth, honest to god...

And so it goes. I don't have any power within the Democratic party. I used to come out of the woodwork regularily to change events or push for projects and am basically bipartisan...until the Clinton impeachment. Even though I disliked Clinton and never did a thing about him one way or another, I sat down the day the blue dress showed up in the news and the Democrats began to waver and I attacked Starr, the blue dress, the GOP and everyone. Strongly.

Even managed to get the NYT editors to run one of my pieces!

Well, since then, I have watched with horror as the press has collapsed. It used to be easy getting into the news. I used to advise people on "how to get the press to cover your story, how to talk to reporters, how to write an editorial." I used to be the press liason of more than one organization in NYC years ago. My little black book was crowded with the phone numbers of members of the highest levels of the media. I knew them all, either socially or through my efforts to organize things like the push for the Hubble Space Telescope or other space/astronomy issues.

Now, I can't talk to any of them. When Dan Rather stabbed me in the back on 60 Minutes by refusing to let me refute stories about my own family and myself, I knew the Day of Doom was here. This is why I had to retch first before defending him over that Rove trap set for 60 Minutes.

Today, locked out of the press, a "nonperson," I blog instead. This is the least I can do. Certainly, no reporters will come ringing my door bell which they did up until 1999. I am not alone. There is an army of reporters and writers who live in the Twilight Zone of the www such as Parry who runs Consortium

This can be depressing except it is exhilarating too. We are successfully fighting them which is why they are screaming back at us now. They want us to shut up and they can't shut us up. During the last "election" the media talked endlessly about bloggers...90% of which was open attacks on us or mixing up the methods and motives of liberal bloggers who are very much ousiders with right wing tools who are merely the blog extention of the Mighty Wulitzer. Anything the right wingers put online that was even faintly useable was instantly transmuted into the mainstream but anything, including hard research and reporting like the Gannon affair, we had to push and yell and repeat and attack for weeks before the first mention comes in the mainstream press and even then, it is woefully misreported.

About reporters getting even simple, verifiable facts correct: this is deliberate. The editors know the owners don't really want information to flow, they want the appearance of information flowing so they allow or I now suspect, deliberately insert bad information like viruses into their writing so that clarity will not happen. It used to be years ago, one could call in a correction when a reporter misspelled names or got other simple facts wrong.

Now you can't get them to retract even gross lies.

This is why we have to continue this fight and this fight is literally life and death for as all great minds know, if you control information, you can rule with an iron hand.