Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Aussie hostage saved today...

Where does the NYT find these morons who write on the editorial page? Tierney was recently hired to provide amusing chat like his previous piece, "Why can't we work the working class to death? They are retiring! Can't have that!" crap to Friedman's eternal wanderings round about the round world wondering why it isn't flat.

Today, he fell off entirely and is cartwheeling in space like the ending of 2001, A Space Odyssey.
Liberals don't want to talk about Iraq because, with a few exceptions, they thought the war was wrong and deep down don't want the Bush team to succeed. As a result, Iraq is drifting sideways and the whole burden is being carried by our military. The rest of the country has gone shopping, which seems to suit Karl Rove just fine.
Fine. This neo-Zionist neo-fascist thinks we are not talking about Iraq? Eh? Wot? I thought yesterday's news that the news refused to cover was the astonishing London Memos detailing how Bush and Blair conspired to create a war out of thin air, no? And we tried and tried to get the mainstream media to even mention this? And the web sites detailing the parade of dead bodies flowing at midnight into Dover Airport? Eh? When has the NYT demanded to photograph these coffins? Huh? Did I hear the wind mournfully howling in Friedman's head?
Well, we need to talk about Iraq. This is no time to give up - this is still winnable - but it is time to ask: What is our strategy? This question is urgent because Iraq is inching toward a dangerous tipping point - the point where the key communities begin to invest more energy in preparing their own militias for a scramble for power - when everything falls apart, rather than investing their energies in making the hard compromises within and between their communities to build a unified, democratizing Iraq.
Excuse me, but I didn't see a single reporter, pundit, bloviator, ombudsman, editor, whoever, volunteering to fight in this war. Not one. The few that dared to go and report while not embedded were murdered, harassed or kidnapped so no one goes there anymore. Even the embedded ones were removed because they witnessed war crimes.

Win? Why are all the GOP kids vacationing? Goofing off? Refusing to enlist? And the neo-Zionists here in America? Gung ho, one and all, but suddenly, they don't want to be there, either.
Yes, yes, I know we are training Iraqi soldiers by the battalions, but I don't think this is the key. Who is training the insurgent-fascists? Nobody. And yet they are doing daily damage to U.S. and Iraqi forces. Training is overrated, in my book. Where you have motivated officers and soldiers, you have an army punching above its weight. Where you don't have motivated officers and soldiers, you have an army punching a clock.
Earth to America: the Iraqis are warriors. They have fought many wars. They invented warfare! They invented civilization. They invented our modern religions, too. The shadow of the city of Ur still lies over us all!

The Iraqis fought more wars in the last 30 years than we, and we are a world girdling empire! Everyone was impressed into the military in Iraq! Everyone was trained to fight, knows how to shoot, knows how to handle explosive devices. They are awesomely well trained! By Saddam! DUH

Stupidity this great deserves what will happen next, no? There is no way of saving minds this dessicated, as we try to get the morons running America to stop doing dumb things, we know in our hearts, this depressing little show will end badly. People this stupid have to be eliminated by the force of Darwinian "red in tooth and claw" forces.
The Kurds have been great. But the Sunni leaders have been shortsighted at best and malicious at worst, fantasizing that they are going to make a comeback to power through terror. As for the Shiites, their spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, has been a positive force on the religious side, but he has no political analog. No Shiite Hamid Karzai has emerged.
Friedman doesn't read my blog or he wouldn't talk about Karzai being a great leader. Karzai, surrounded by American mercenary murderers, is a dead man walking. His woeful face is etched with despair and he spends most of his time out of his country or deep within his palace, sort of like...Cheney and Bush who can't go outside except surrounded by guards who sweep the streets bare of all but bussed in supporters who are carefully checked for weapons! All, terrified rabbit men! Maybe it is too late, but before we give up on Iraq, why not actually try to do it right? Double the American boots on the ground and redouble the diplomatic effort to bring in those Sunnis who want to be part of the process and fight to the death those who don't. What Nazi Friedman is saying is, kill everyone, everyone! And double the Americans fighting there! Well, big boy, volunteer! Eh? Wot?

I hear the wind mournfully howling in his head. Even sitting 200 miles away from his office, it is quite distinct.