Saturday, July 30, 2005



Today is very interesting. Daliwood, one of our wonderful readers, gave me amazing information. I went off to confirm it on the net last night and didn't go to bed until after 1 am. I used a wild combination of key words, googling an increasing stream of key words like "listing" and "Thunderhorse" and "oil rig", "Texas", "Gulf, hurricane Dennis" and finally got a rigger's chat room and Resource

Evidently, they have been covering this story for two weeks.

Now, I watch oil news like a hawk. I muck around in rather obscure corners, seeking information, looking for data and photos. Note I have mentioned nothing about this matter. But the key thing is, not one of our news media have, either! This is a key to what is going wrong with our nation.

The price of oil is hitting everyone. I watch it rise relentlessly. The stock market went up this week on all sorts of data that was produced before the oil rig collapsed. So everyone thinks, the oil problem is solved. No need to change course or even worry! The government data showing we have slid even further behind in our quest for automotive efficiency was deliberately withheld by Bush and Cheney and only appeared in the news, with little comment, because someone brave leaked it to the press, who then didn't say much about it all!

My magic article was about all of this.

Here are more photos of the rigs collapsing courtesy of Resource Investor:f(From


Another reader of my blog, Stealth Badger, gave me the urls of Investor Resource (which I found also on my own last night, you can bet, it became part of my "must read" bookmarks!). Here is what he said,
Thunderhorse has been listing at 20 degrees for a bit over two weeks now. I'm terribly surprised it's still at that angle, but the fact that it hasn't gotten worse means BP probably dodged a bullet, so to speak.

What I don't understand is why these companies are holding on so tight to fossil fuels, despite the obvious dead-end they represent, in more ways than one. Especially ExxonMobil, the CEO of which believes that some exploration into alternative fuel sources by Exxon in the 80s gives him enough expertise on the subject to dismiss it as categorically worthless.

They see putting a half a billion dollars out in the middle of the ocean as a good investment, where they KNOW every storm that passes by is going to smack the hell out of it, but don't see getting out of the oil trade as necessary for long-term survival.

Our economic system has been, and is, staggeringly myopic and monomaniacal.
I want to thank my readers for this sort of information. This isn't "people giving opinions" but rather, people searching for information and sharing it. And we are reduced to doing in on this small blog because our oil overlords and Bush and Cheney who are the same, are keeping this stuff hidden from view. The mass media cooperates with them.

Don't want to panic us!

They will blandly talk about how the price of oil is going up mysteriously and I do note in my readings, seeing quite a few articles accusing oil futures traders for this. The stock market shot up despite this news existing and I cannot fathom anyone feeling that we will "be going strong" with this data flowing in!

The oil explorations going on in the oceans are vastly more vulnerable and dangerous than on land. In the North Sea, rigs have collapsed spectacularily. It is dangerous work on those rigs. They are much move vulnerable to terrorist attacks than rigs on land and much harder to guard in heavy ocean traffic areas like the Arabian Gulf.

The press pretends the public want to see photos and stories about missing white women on vacation in Aruba but don't want to see this. This is a big, fat lie. If it is true, then the ostrich attitude is perfect for us being decapitated. Even if the masses in America don't want to see this, it should, like the torture pictures we tried to ignore, be shoved in our fat faces. The media isn't merely a money grinding machine, it is there to inform us even if only 10% of the viewers/readers understand the importance of the news and acts accordingly.

Hiding it is a crime. It endangers my life, your lives. It endangers our collective efforts to stay alive and well. This deliberate refusal to cover many important news stories and worse, the refusal of the pundits to connect what looks to me to be obvious events is a crime. They aren't clueless because no one tells them anything! I used to waste two hours every day sending emails for years to the major media, patiently explaining how things work in tandem, suggesting sources, suggesting lines of investigation.

Nothing. I used to get cheeky, breezy replies from reporters, then after 9/11, silence.

My very last email I ever sent to a reporter tallking about coming events was sent at 8:49 am, Sept. 11, 2001. In it, I said, "Because of our pressuring the NYT, WP and Wall Street Journal, the ballot counting being done by this consortium is now finished by they won't reveal that Gore won by over 20,000 votes in Florida and thus, the Supreme Court ruling was false and should be overturned. You can bet, Bush knows this, too, and will have some spectacular attack on NYC to kill this story. So keep your eyes open."

Then my phone rang.

You know the rest. Now how did I know this information? I went to my library yesterday, seeking it. And found it. As a child, I read C.S. Lewis, all his works, and memorized most of them. And here is was, the blueprint for taking over the earth:
This excerpt finishes with the hero marveling how millions read what he writes even though he is clueless about the subject matter. He also marvels about how his misinformation is being slurped up by the major media uncritically. And how they also hide news even from himself. He wonders at the magical change in his status, for he now works for a secret cabal that has great influence but needs human tools to do the work so their own fingerprints won't appear in public.

In America today, many wonder about the interlocking conspiracies and machinations of the Real Rulers. These people exist, they are very much real and they outrageously manipulate information and events so they can run things for their own benefit. They allow us to live but periodically, even that is pulled out from under us, two very spectacular examples are WWI and WWII.

Both wars ended up endangering them and they escaped being executed or assassinated by the skin of their collective teeth. This is why WWIII hasn't happened...yet. For events often escape their controls. You can bet, if they wanted WWIII, it would happen no matter how many humans across the planet march to stop it. They don't need to listen to us, do they?

Right now, they want peace but not quiet. So we must be afraid, be very afraid but not be afraid at all. We must go shopping and be happy but be scared enough to let the police do their brutal work, let the terrorists do their part of the game, let this whole thing trundle along while they set up the next step in this vast game to see who will inherit the earth!

We see the tension in their actions. They reveal and hide simultaneously. They must use courtiers like Murdoch, who they actually despise, doing his job, manipulating the news. You can bet, if he oversteps their boundries or says the wrong thing or whatever, he will, like some of his contemporaries, suddenly fall off his yaught or his jet will crash or his palace will burn down with him inside.

He knows this and is very careful to serve them well.

These rulers don't want us to panic about oil. This is why Bush called the only Representative in the House who finally put the words "Hubbert Oil Peak" into the Congressional Record, into the Oval Office and he sat there with a smirk and pretened to be surprised to hear all the data and information about the Hubbert Oil Peak and the poor Congressman, a smart man but a fool, thought he was giving Bush vital information that Bush didn't already know.

Geeze. You know, Bush has known about this the same number of years I have: 31 years. I lectured about this matter for years, back in the seventies. Then the media suddenly stopped talking to me when Reagan took over and only ABC has broken the silence.

Why did Bush pretend to be unaware of the most important issue wracking the oil industry? Well, readers of this blog know why. And this is why we all know there will be another "terrorist attack" on America. To unite us against some pathetic peasant community that happens to be sitting on some oil.

Friday, July 29, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Today, the BBC has an article about the psychology of magic. Understanding this is important if one wants to understand how the real world works and why people are so easy to fool.

From the BBC:
Magicians have been using a clever mix of dexterity and deception for centuries to astound and captivate their audiences.

But how do they fool people who know they are going to be duped?

Well, cutting edge-psychology is now being applied to this most ancient of entertainment forms, to understand how these masters of legerdemain trick the complexities of the human brain.

The techniques involved have been discussed this week at the Science Museum's Dana Centre, being held to mark the centenary of the Magic Circle.
In America, I have attended magician conventions. I used to build things for some of them in New Jersey. One of my children was once a stage magician who was very good at it.

Her teacher loved her ability to take in people because she looked utterly innocent as she manipulated magic boxes and her trained dove, Sava, and she was very good with the magic rings. She could manipulate the adult sized rings with her small hands.

She would do this close up. Sceptical adults would be allowed to "examine" the rings within inches of their noses if they long as she held the rings! Turning them round and round while carefully putting first one hand then the other over the critical joints took skill. She fooled everyone.

Even people sitting within ten feet of the magic box couldn't detect how we did the tricks. Everyone knows they are tricks by when you ask them how they know, they can't explain. They just know. Builders and performers of tricks know very well how it all works and we use not only misdirection but black velvet and mirrors and odd hinges and springs to make things move in concealed ways.

A side story: at one convention, a man was lecturing about making balloon animals for parties. My very young son was sitting next to me on the first row. He was the only tot there. "Ask for an animal," said the lecturer. "I can make any animal!" So my son clapped his hands with joy and said, "I want a kangaroo!"

The magician gave him a dirty look. "I can't make that," he said. All the magicians in the audience roared with laughter.

Magicians can actually be a lot of fun. Most if not all are extremely intelligent and hard working. The sense of wonder and a child-like joy in creating a secret world runs strongly in this community. Tradition matters a great deal, too. All magicians know they stand on the shoulders of all previous masters of the dark art.
"The really good performers," he said, "the ones who know what they're doing, have an incredible grasp of psychology", and use it to convince you to see their version of events.
My daughter taught one of the Cosby Show kids how to do some simple magic tricks which were used on TV in one of the episodes. These rope and card tricks were developed for close work with the observer sitting inches away. Elegant yet simple. Tying ropes in knots that aren't really knots is very ancient yet fools the eye (except maybe Eagle scouts!) with amazing ease.
Many of their mind tricks of the trade are surprisingly simple and boil down to misdirection - of gaze, attention, suspicion or even memory.

Body language is key. An audience can be misled about the location of an object by tensing or relaxing hands to make them look full or empty.

Another important social cue is direction of gaze and head movement. If a performer looks in a particular direction, the natural reaction is to follow, giving him a brief window to make his move.

It is vital that when the audience realises they have been had, they cannot properly recall the fine details in the series of events which led up to the effect, and so deconstruct it.

"For example," said Professor Wiseman, "a magician might cut some cards and say 'Right, they're mixed up now'. Then he'll do something else and then say 'Now, remember I shuffled the cards at the start'.

"That word - 'shuffled' - has gone in, and people think 'Yeah, that's right, the cards were shuffled'. But they weren't, he just cut them. It's cut to mix to shuffle. Small steps. If you had gone from cut to shuffle, it's too much and people notice."

And magicians are not the only ones playing tricks; your mind is at it, too.

"People think the way their perception works is simple," said University College London neuroscientist Geraint Rees. "They think it's like having a viewing room inside their brain with a little man sitting there monitoring a big bank of video feeds from outside, but it's not so straight forward."
Many humans are astonishingly naive about the inner workings of the brain. Whenever I fix a house, inevitably, the homeowner will claim I broke or messed with something. I always take pictures before I start because of this. This isn't anyone trying to cheat me (except once and a while, alas) but because of how the brain works.

They get used to seeing the dents, scratches, cracks over the years and "edit" them out of their minds. When I fix whatever is broken, they look at it critically to see if the fix is OK and thus suddenly see what they managed to ignore, suddenly. I have learned that even innoculous actions like moving a vase or picture will cause problems because the homeowner will suddenly notice some defect and instantly blame me. I now make people move absolutely everything.

People are always suspicious of "strangers" or people changing things. So in order to make huge changes, the decievers have to first lull the audience via information flows. This is what magicians call "prattle" and what our media calls "pundits". I remember the Gore/Bush debates. Gore sighed three times while Bush slurped and snorted like a pig out of a poke. He annoyed me to death with his snuffling sounds.

The pundits immediately pounced on the three Gore sighs and talked for days about how rude and nasty he was. No one mentioned the Bush horrors. I was amazed and very annoyed. The immediate polls of people who actually watched the debates gave it overwhelmingly to Gore.

Three days later, it was given to Bush! Thanks to media magic.

People forget things as events flow so the magicians running our media will manipulate information, killing bad information and trumpetting good information. Before the internet, people were stuck either dragging out old newspapers which was nearly impossible or just giving up in the face of united manipulations of reality.

Now we have the net and it is still very hard! I could hardly find a trace of the Reagan speech in Japan that netted him a fortune, for example, and I tried a zillions different word combinations! This manipulation of reality is collapsing thanks to bloggers and the international interface of the internet. Things hidden totally at home like the number of soldiers being killed in Iraq, this information does show up in China or France so we can access it.
Harvard Scientists Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris are keen students of what is called "inattention blindness".

They have a test which involves showing subjects a video of two basketball teams, one wearing white and the other black. Subjects are told to count the passes between the white team and most become so focused, they fail to notice a woman walk across the court with an umbrella.

"We have a limited processing capacity and can only perceive what we attend to," said UCL psychologist Dr Nilli Lavie.

"If the information we are paying attention to is taking all of our capacity, it doesn't leave capacity to perceive anything else."
This is very obvious in the media. They will focus on runaway brides or missing teens in Aruba and ignore important things. They do this deliberately and worse, the populace demands they do this because they want distractions, not knowledge. This is why we have magic show audiences. They know it is all an artifice but they still come and they want to be amazed but still feel smug. I would help magicians develop routines by sitting in the audience for them and noting the conversations and what the audience focused on and what they said afterwards when I asked "innocent" questions. We would go over this carefully and adjust the presentation accordingly.

The media does this! They "cover" for each other. When one of them slips up like Judith Miller, they all back the one thus exposed. They conspire with the real string pullers behind the scenes and then go back out into the audience to see if they can pull off another switcheroo.
Dr Lavie specialises in inattention blindness. "The skill of a good magician is to make a very interesting, dramatic act with complex actions and interesting verbal utterances," she said.

"He loads your attention with all this information, but it's irrelevant to the act that he presents. It is so you don't notice the deception."

However, humans being natural sceptics go to magic shows knowing they are going to be deceived so they pay special attention to everything. But being overly focused can also be turned to the illusionist's advantage.
Saying something is something is very important. I have proven this works in real life over and over. I once had to overwhelm a bigger man. I was wielding an artist's paint brush that happened to be dipped in red paint so I yelled, "This is a knife and I am going to stab you," and I struck him in the chest with it. He slapped his hand over the paint, looked and yelped, wailing, he ran down the street.

Magic strikes again.

I have found if I say, "This is (fill in the blank)" in a stern and commanding tone, people always take my word for it. This is what North Korea has done to us for several years. In the end, they got what they wanted. The USA suddenly discovered just yesterday that we are being manouvered into basically ending the Korean war which never had a peace treaty, you know. Technically, it is still ongoing. This isn't what "Axis of Evil" Bush wanted, you know. But using magic and patient work, the North Koreans are going to get what they wanted from day one.
Today, it is the edgier performers like Derren Brown and David Blaine that people want to see.

They are both charged with wresting magic back from the grip of the likes of David Copperfield, Paul Daniels and Lance Burton - the poster boys for high-camp family entertainment.

Yes, Blaine and Brown will astonish, but they will also unsettle; they take you on a journey to the parts of your childhood inhabited by the scary clown, not Peter Pan and the fairies.

In reality, their tricks are the same as those played out over generations. Blaine's genius was to strip out the outdated paraphernalia of corny catch-phrases, tuxedos and Vegas-scale stunts and work on the effect instead.

His TV show was successful because it was street magic with the safety catch off.
Every five years or so, a new magician starts his journey and always, always, it is "stripped down" and "in your face" because...he hasn't the money to do the big shows which they all, all of them, end up doing when they can. David Copperfield started out small and edgy. I remember him in the beginning!
He sprang his tricks on unsuspecting passers-by, and then lingered on their reaction, focussing more on their discomfort at what they had experienced than the trick itself.

Transporting modern cynical audiences back to a childlike state of wonder is a tall order even for these kings of cool. But Wiseman believes Derren Brown is doubly astute, using people's natural scepticism and demand for answers to his advantage.

"If he passed himself off as having psychic abilities, he wouldn't be half as successful," Professor Wiseman insists.
They all do that. No good magician "focuses on the trick" ---they focus on the audience. This used to be true of the media who used the Nielson ratings, for example, and other "scientific tools" to see if their magic was working. This is why they are in near hysteria right now. Their tricks are being uncovered and the light of day is shining into the mirror and black velvet lined magic box and this irritates and infuriates them. They seek ways of shutting us down and shutting us up.

As far as fake psychic abilities are concerned: if you want to be massively rich, convince people you are a real psychic! The desire to believe this is incredibly strong in humans. If you claim you can channel/revive the dead, this can bring tremendous power and indeed, nearly all the religions today are based on this very thing! This is the ultimate power. Pretending it isn't is...part of the magic tricks being pulled right in the middle of this article about tricks.

See? Just watch my hands. I am going to shuffle the deck of Tarot cards....

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Thursday, July 28, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Normally I set aside articles as I roam the news services. Sometimes, early in the morning, I read a headline, go off, come back to retrieve the article and it is gone!

Today's mysterious story is about the patriotic rebels (yes, they are! We may not like them but they are!) blew up a bunch of American soldiers and at least two died. I notice that there were zero headlines about this anywhere once I decided to find the article and looked for "soldiers dead" and found virtually no papers or media reported the blow up except at, of course.

Wave those black MIA flags, America! Whoo.

The spectacular train blow up disappeared down the memory hole, too! It was supposed to be spectacular. You would think there would be photos of this, would you? It would be on CNN which just adores war explosions. CNN would run them day and night, missiles and bombs falling upon cities, right? Big thing for them, bombs bursting in air, we sing about this with glee.

Nope. No explosions. No bombs.

In Ohio, in an interview with the press, a voter who isn't going to vote forPaul Hackett, the Iraq war vet who is now against the war, said, "It's a positive thing for him," Mr. Hartman, a substance-abuse specialist with a nonprofit group, said after meeting Ms. Schmidt. "But we're not at war here." Bush pretends we are not at war. He wants to talk about Social Security and wants us to exercise and have more tax cuts. He only talks about the war if forced at gun point. Recently he gave a speech about the war that said nothing and he didn't even urge his besotted followers to join up.

One can't be very surprised that Ohio voters think we are not at war. There is near zero war headlines. I can dig out stories using the internet's vast powers but 90% of the news of it comes from overseas.

My buddies, the Chinese communists, have great news coverage. Heh. Good grief. From Xinhuanet:
A US military helicopter was destroyed when a fire broke out during a hard landing in southeast Afghanistan, but there were no casualties, the US military said onThursday.

The twin-rotor CH-47 Chinook made the hard landing late Wednesday due to brown-out conditions as the crew attempted to land forces near the Pakistani border southwest of the town of Spin Boldak, a military statement said.

"A fire, which is believed to have started from the hard landing, destroyed the aircraft. No one was injured," the statement said.
You can bet, the Chinese are tracking this very closely. They helpfully let us know that at least a dozen helicopters have been shot down or destroyed in Afghanistan. Bet they can tell us all the casualties, too.

This is top secret. I keep a generalized track of this. Unlike all previous wars, the wounded are not counted as "casualties", only the dead. Indeed, they are not mentioned.

The dead?

They get buried deep inside the story! Hidden from view, the specters of war, anonymous, their names no longer revealed later, usually, at the bottom of the story after we read about pipelines and speeches about the constitution of Iraq which is taking away the civil rights of minorities and women, and happy happy talk about troop withdrawals.

Indeed, nearly all of the headlines in America today concerning this non-war was about troop withdrawals. Desperate for popularity, under fire because of Rove, Bush has his media whores trumpeting the planned troop withdrawals. I have a long memory. I remember when troops were at 120,000, they talked about troop withdrawals a year ago. Many headlines blared this information. Today there are 143,000 troops and a host of armed mercenaries. So the news?

Troops will be drawn down to 120,000 by next spring. Oh boy. I can't wait!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Why roaches are winning.

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I keep swearing I won't pay attention to Friedman of the NYT but just like it is hard to ignore a roach when it scuttles over one's dinner platters, so I have to occassionally swat at Friedman.

From the NYT:
John Mack, the new C.E.O. at Morgan Stanley, initially demanded in the contract he signed June 30 that his total pay for the next two years would be no less than the average pay package received by the C.E.O.'s at Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. If that average turned out to be more than $25 million, Mr. Mack was to be paid at least that much. He eventually backed off that demand after a howl of protest, but it struck me as the epitome of what is wrong in America today.

We are now playing defense. A top C.E.O. wants to be paid not based on his performance, but based on the average of his four main rivals! That is like Lance Armstrong's saying he will race only if he is guaranteed to come in first or second, no matter what his cycling times are on each leg.
Geeze. What is it with these mindless cyberroaches working for the mass media? Next, will he suggest our CEOs take up bike riding so they can energetically run over bobbies and fall on their faces?

How many miles does Friedman peddle on his trike? One circuit around the Pond in Central Park but only if his mommy hails a taxi to take him home?
I recently spent time in Ireland, which has quietly become the second-richest country in the E.U., first by going through some severe belt-tightening that meant everyone had to sacrifice, then by following that with a plan to upgrade the education of its entire work force, and a strategy to recruit and induce as many global high-tech companies and researchers as possible to locate in Ireland. The Irish have a plan. They are focused. They have mobilized business, labor and government around a common agenda. They are playing offense.
Um, Ireland raided our corporate enties for jobs. They underbid our own people and were some of the first to gain via outsourcing some pretty nice computer jobs. Indeed, how on earth can we imitate them? Who is going to outsource jobs to us?

The Cubans?
And if you were president, would you really say to the nation, in the face of the chaos in Iraq, that "if our commanders on the ground say we need more troops, I will send them," but that they had not asked? It is not what the generals are asking you, Mr. President - it is what you are asking them, namely: "What do you need to win?" Because it is clear we are not winning, and we are not winning because we have never made Iraq a secure place where normal politics could emerge.
He jumps from yapping about Ireland to talking about Cheney and the energy bill that fixes nothing even though he thinks it is a fine bill (what???) when suddenly, he veers aside like a sheep being ordered to run off a cliff and launches into this stuff about Iraq.

It is natural to think "Iraq" when thinking "Cheney" and "oil". But still, that paragraph makes no sense at all. Didn't Bush try to outsource the Iraq war work to Ireland and the rest of Europe? And remember, they said no except for the French who said "non"? Didn't Tony Blair finally do the cheap labor part and for his pains, got bombed?

And what is "normal politics"? Dropping bombs on civilians and then invading and occupying their country against their will isn't "normal", is it?

Maybe it the cockroach empire. They occupy whatever and where ever they want.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Cast of Spamalot on Broadway (BBC)

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Probably my all time favorite movie is Monty Python's Holy Grail. I laughed myself into oblivion when I first saw it and repeat watching simply increases the brain damage. I'm not dead yet!

On the web, the love of Python is enduring and intense. From the very beginning of the internet's existence, the alternate reality of the Python gang has had great influence. This is why annoying emails are called "spam". "We've got spam spam spam spam spam scrambled eggs spam.." is of course, so famous, it is now a religious chant like doing one's Hail Marys.

Spam news for today comes from Mother Russia. From Mosnews:
Vardan Kushnir, notorious for sending spam to each and every citizen of Russia who appeared to have an e-mail, was found dead in his Moscow apartment on Sunday, Interfax reported Monday. He died after suffering repeated blows to the head.

Kushnir, 35, headed the English learning centers the Center for American English, the New York English Centre and the Centre for Spoken English, all known to have aggressive Internet advertising policies in which millions of e-mails were sent every day.

In the past angry Internet users have targeted the American English centre by publishing the Center’s telephone numbers anywhere on the Web to provoke telephone calls. The Center’s telephone was advertised as a contact number for cheap sex services, or bargain real estate sales.

Another attack involved hundreds of people making phone calls to the American English Center and sending it numerous e-mails back, but Vardan Kushnir remained sure of his right to spam, saying it was what e-mails were for.
He must qualify for this year's Darwin Awards. Talk about not getting a clue! I know that the vast majority of web users would just love to see this happen to the people who want us to help them fix bank accounts in Nigeria or think women need Viagra offers or fake Paypal and Ebay account fixes, if we could deep six the people flooding our cyberworld with this tripe, you can bet, they would not be on Noah's .com when the flood waters rise!

Maybe computer designers can come up with a computer that works like a roach motel. Someone starts to send spam and they get stuck to the keyboard or something. Fly paper.

Well, I am certain great minds will come up with some solution besides Gates making us pay him a penny each time we write, hey, wait, I think it could work if I were to get a penny for each spam. Heh. Gates has enough money already. I bet there are legions of people out there in the cyber world who would like to get a penny for each email.

I think I will send out a zillion emails about this...( to the side of the head).

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Saturday, July 23, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I would imagine that even slightly intelligent right wingers would be swimming madly away from the USS Bush Titanic. But they hang on, squealing in protest. Bush's numbers fall, they squeal louder. Their heroes are exposed as moral depraved lunatics, the rats run around in cicles, biting ankles. Their lies about lying lie in ruins.

Time for Tierney, newly hired by the New York Times, to make a fake frontal assault on our sense of fairness and the laws of the land! From the NYT:
The current zeal for sending doctors to jail for writing painkiller prescriptions may seem baffling, especially to the patients who relied on the doctors for pain relief. But if you consider it from the perspective of the agents raiding the doctors' offices, you can see a certain logic.

During the war on drugs in the 1980's and 1990's, federal and local agents risked their lives going after drug gangs on the streets. As their budgets for drug enforcement soared, they arrested hundreds of thousands of people annually and filled a quarter of American prison cells with drug offenders.
Heh. Nothing like getting Bush caught on his coke lies or Schwarzenegger on film toking on a joint to get the right wing to denounce the war on drugs but not change anything! Now that Rush is caught up in the net, Tierney, obeying a call from his owner, has piped up to talk about not enforcing drug laws in this area.
The D.E.A. announced that in two years, there had been 464 OxyContin-related deaths, but most of the victims had taken other drugs, too, so the cause of death was uncertain. Ronald Libby, a political scientist at the University of North Florida, notes that even that figure is a minuscule fraction (0.00008 percent) of the number of OxyContin prescriptions written, and that it's dwarfed by the more than 32,000 people who die in the same period from gastrointestinal bleeding from other painkillers, like aspirin and ibuprofen.

The OxyContin crisis was fanned by sensationalized press coverage and by popular fears that unsuspecting patients getting this painkiller were being turned into dangerous addicts. While it's true that chronic-pain patients taking opioids for a long time require higher and higher doses, the drugs typically don't give them a high or interfere with their lives. Instead, the drugs enable them to function.
Note how he glides from all drugs to the one that matters: Oxytoxin. He belittles the medical data, mocks the laws, mentions everyone but Rush, pretends to be an outsider dispassionately talking about social ills when all he is merely an enabler of a criminal right wing goon who is useful to our rulers.
If enough doctors are jailed or scared into not writing prescriptions, it's conceivable that this drug war could have more impact than the ones against heroin and cocaine - doctors, after all, are harder to replace than crack dealers. But even if there's less OxyContin on the street, is that worth the suffering of patients who can't get the painkillers they need?

Maybe some OxyContin addicts would be helped, but consider the progress the White House's drug-policy agency found last year in a field survey on drug use in Cincinnati:

"Because diverted OxyContin is more expensive and difficult to purchase," the agency reported, "users have switched to heroin."
Behold the psychopathic cannibal in action! The doctors who wrote Rush the Lush all those prescriptions illegally are in trouble. And they will squeal on Rush so why prosecute them? Why put Miller in jail, for that matter? All she is doing is hiding the facts concerning a grave federal crime committed by the President who wanted to destroy the lives of those who opposed his public policies!


Worse! These crummy cannibals are now whining about heroin which is now super cheap. Before we invaded Afghanistan, it was hard to get, expensive, and the Taliban crushed the poppy growers and prevented them from smuggling. In return, we killed them and took over and now 90% of the heroin in the world comes from our province of Afghanistan!

Tierney is a cannibal who is too fearful to hunt with a spear.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005



From Crooks and Liars:
CNN's "That's Bullshit" Coverage

Lou Dobbs Tonight, (7/15/05) as Lou was introducing a piece on the Rove story.

Lou says, "...Rove testifying that he first learned about Plame from columnist Robert Novak, a CNN contributor. Danna Bash reports." Immediately after that you can clearly hear a female voice on mic whispering "that's bullshit". Then Dana Bash continues with her report.

Video-WMP only (it's low quality)

(Thanks to Wendy)

If they don't edit this out in the re-broadcast I'll have a QT version also.
Please go to this website and click on the audio. It is really funny. Seems Dana, forced to read her script which is prepared from GOP speaking points, couldn't hold it back anymore and told the truth. This is what we live for on the web, to catch moments like this which is when the mask slips and we learn that our tormentors who pretend to be reporters, actually know they are screwing the pooch. They do this for the money which is why we call them "media whores."

Dana could hold a press conference to explain to us why she knows the crappy news she reads is "bullshit". This would go along ways towards fixing what is broken.

But then, the media whores will return to attacking bloggers for not being real reporters! Heh. Too bad.

Here is her bio:
Dana Bash is CNN's White House correspondent, responsible for covering the activities of the president and the administration, domestically and internationally. Named to this position in November 2002, she is based in the network's Washington, D.C., bureau.

Since being named White House correspondent, Bash has reported from the nation's capital and from locations around the world covering President George W. Bush and the administration, including the 2004 presidential campaign and the capture of Saddam Hussein. Previously, Bash was the Capitol Hill producer for CNN, where she had primary editorial and newsgathering responsibility for the network's coverage of the U.S. Senate.

Since 1999, Bash has covered every major story on Capitol Hill, including the Republican dominance in the 2002 elections, the war on terrorism, campaign finance reform, the Florida recount and the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton. Frequently cited on-air by anchors and reporters, she also provided live reporting during the evacuation of the Capitol building in the days after Sept. 11, 2001. In 2003, Bash provided viewers the latest information about the war in Iraq.

Bash was one of the first journalists to report that Vermont's Sen. Jim Jeffords would leave the Republican Party in May 2001, giving control of the U.S. Senate to Democrats. In 2002, she broke the story of the government's secret intercepts of Al Qaeda translations on Sept. 10, 2001, for which received the prestigious Dirksen Award from the National Press Foundation.
Actually, I was the first to know Jeffords was leaving the party. I was in the hall of the Senate office building just outside the doors of Trent Lott's big office. I was arguing with him and I said, "You won't be here much longer" and he said, "How do you know," and I retorted, "Jeffords told me you were not going to be around much longer." This was in late November, 2000.

Heh. He let it slip because everyone was freaking out over the failed election and we had no winner and he blurted this out to me when I came into his office unexpectedly, talking about voting machines and voter fraud. So I went online and told Joe Conason who then asked Jeffords who then denied it. Rats. But he did tell me and he did do it, as promised.

Dana isn't a bad person, by the way. She is smart and she wants to move up in the world. I only hope she reconsiders who she sleeps with and what secrets she tries to keep from us ordinary bloggers. She isn't outwitting us exactly.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005



The biggest giants of the news world are stumbling and falling, as they implode, it reminds me of slow motion pictures of the World Trade Center.

I am in a gloomy mood tonight because whenever Bush is on the ropes, people die.

So I googled my own past tonight. Old names of dead people who crossed swords with the rulers slithered across my screen, bringing floods of thoughts and some considerable pain.

From Reuters:
Publisher Knight Ridder Inc.on Thursday said quarterly earnings fell 14 percent due to circulation declines, while rival Tribune Co. (TRB.N) relied on cost cutting to help it post higher profits.

Circulation declines at both media companies underscored the problems the industry has faced in subscription drives since do-not-call lists began blocking telemarketers. At the same time, more readers are getting their news from new media such as the Internet rather than traditional newspapers.

Knight Ridder shares fell 30 cents to $62.11 while Tribune shares rose 29 cents to $35.69 on the New York Stock Exchange.

``With Tribune's very tight cost controls, we found some encouragement in that,'' said A.G. Edwards analyst Mike Kupinski. ``A little glimmer of hope in there.''

Tribune, owner of the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune and operator of 26 television stations, reported profit rose to $233.4 million from $96.4 million, helped by the cost cutting.

But the swing was heavily influenced by special items in both periods. Revenue fell to $1.46 billion from $1.50 billion a year ago. Morgan Stanley analyst Douglas Arthur described cost controls at the media company as ``very impressive.''

But he added in a research note that there remained ``brutal'' pressure on its revenues ``from massive circulation declines and a disappointingly choppy ad environment, coupled with significant ratings and ad woes in TV.''
Here is a letter to the editor I got past the censors way back in 2000, talking about the failing election even as it was going over the cliff. From the Monitor magazine:
The Unexamined Man

Thank you for the article about Bush's free pass with the press and the refusal of the press to cover the missing AWOL years.

I was part of a team of people who used the platform provided by's Table Talk folders to work on research and dissemination of hard facts to the press. We covered every single possible base, all large, medium and even small news organizations. We did open battle with the NYT and George Magazine. We used one fact after another.

They refused to understand the story or they claimed that since the Bushes and the Bush supporters were stonewalling them that this means no one can ask questions.

I demanded they put in headlines saying, "Bush refuses to talk about missing years...Questions are raised about possible criminal activities during this time".

This, we patiently explained, would force Bush to cough up his full military record which we were unable to access. Even the NYT refused. They said that it wasn't that interesting. Worse, one of the reporters for George Magazine told us, "Yeah, he probably was arrested for cocaine trafficking but they won't talk so we had to ignore this". I said, "Why didn't you say this in your story?" He refused to answer me (no doubt, imitating Bush perfectly).

We now have a bonafide criminal for President. Americans might ignore this but I seriously doubt the rest of the planet will ignore this.

Elaine Supkis
My battle with George Magazine was hilarious and brutal. They kept editorializing about me and misspelled my name in three different ways! I won my fight only they surrendered secretly in a phone call, telling me the magazine was going under and that I was right all along and they were forced to lie. Alas, I couldn't get that published by anyone.

The fight over the Bush AWOL issue lasted for years. Subterranean, occasionally a fin would cut the water surface and the populace at large would wonder what is going on, then back down below, a battle that was pretty bloody. Here is a recent example of this alternative action at work on a blog. From Kevin Drum's Washington Monthly:
In a George Magazine article of October 19, 2000, Peter Keating and Karthik Thyagarajan identified the "torn document" as a "an Air National Guard statement of days served by Bush that is torn and undated but contains entries that correspond to" "an April 23, 1973 order for Bush to report to annual active duty training the following month."
Someone mentions the torn document. It should be famous but is unknown except to web denizens who watched our online battles with the Bushes and the media giants. This document which showed Bush went AWOL was coughed up one fine Sunday when Marty and I were busy baiting the George Magazine reporters and they suddenly put on line, for a minute, a replication of this document which we captured and began to analyze. This started a very furious fight with me declaring victory, as I recounted here, on this much later forum of Kevin Drum;
Hi, everyone. Read the READER'S COMMENTS about the George Magazine article. Note that the reporters talk about Marty and myself (misnaming me, naturally!).

The "torn document" documents a CRIME: when Bartlett went with Bush to the records room in Texas and "scrubbed" the reports.

In the WH, Bush blubbers that "people SCRUBBED my records" as if this meant "Handed over to people like Marty, Rogers and (Elaine)" when his subconscious self was screaming "we destroyed the reports about my drug abuse!"

Posted by: Elaine Supkis on February 8, 2004 at 8:38 PM | PERMALINK
This really happened on the Sunday before the last week during the 2000 election. We knew we witnessed a crime. We spent a frantic week trying to call a press conference and we got McCain and Kerrey to appear in DC on C-span to demand an investigation of Bush.

It was canned. McCain refused to talk to the press and slithered off for he was offered great goodies if he shut up. I was furious.

None of this made the news! Not a peep. And I was yelling nonstop! I went to DC and yelled all over the place!

There are so many exciting things going on...underwater. Like we see in the news, occasionally the sharks rip off legs or torsos of people and it makes the news but most of the time they lie low in the water and watch. Right now, today, we are seeing the fins of the sharks as the media circles Rove. No shark is going to connect all the many dots. They won't talk about the stuff I obsess over. They will pretend to be innocent even if they end up telling me the truth...secretly. They will revert to lying in public or worse, pretending to know little while sniggering about being in the know.

The press is dying.

Long live the blogs!

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Sunday, July 03, 2005



The news media people love to know things we don't know. They gossip. They party with each others and our ruling elites. They have that most valuable thing: information. They choose if and when to share it with the rest of the world. This dividing line has been broken, partially, by the internet and the flock of bloggers and forum visitors.

The sordid mess of the run up to the illegal Iraq invasion is full of dangerous knowledge/hidden information that was used as per usual by the rulers and their minions in the press. In particular, when Ambassador Wilson made a dust up over the forged yellow cake documents, an issue which still molders in its media grave since the agency that made these forgeries, though known by both reporters, media owners and our rulers, isn't investigated nor talked public.

The conspiracy to silence and shock and awe critics of the war came to full bloom against Ambassador Wilson because he was attached to the ruling class and therefore was most dangerous...he was in the know! No mere outsider barking at the gates.

It was pretty easy to attack him but some of the media dogs hesitated because outing the wife of the ambassador was utterly illegal so the rulers had to call upon one of their own, old Mr. Novak. He grumpily complied with the implicit promise that he would be pardoned and not go to jail.

This game fell apart spectacularily so the press decided to cover it as little as possible and if covering, not connect any obvious dots which would lead to not only impeachment of both Bush and Cheney but in extention, their possible trials at the Hague. So everyone watched, hoping nothing would happen.

It happened. Namely, the poll showing a near majority of Americans want to impeach Bush for lying us into an unnecessary war.

From Editor and Publisher:
MSNBC's O'Donnell first offered the Rove revelation Friday night on the syndicated McLaughlin Group political talk show. Today, he went beyond that, writing a brief entry at the Huffington Post blog:

"I revealed in yesterday's taping of the McLaughlin Group that Time magazine's e-mails will reveal that Karl Rove was Matt Cooper's source. I have known this for months but didn't want to say it at a time that would risk me getting dragged into the grand jury.

"McLaughlin is seen in some markets on Friday night, so some websites have picked it up, including Drudge, but I don't expect it to have much impact because McLaughlin is not considered a news show and it will be pre-empted in the big markets on Sunday because of tennis.

"Since I revealed the big scoop, I have had it reconfirmed by yet another highly authoritative source. Too many people know this. It should break wide open this week. I know Newsweek is working on an 'It's Rove!' story and will probably break it tomorrow."
Before the "election" this reporter knew that it was Karl Rove who broke federal laws and he knew a great deal about what was going on! He didn't "want to be dragged before a grand jury," poor baby, so he conspired to cover up a crime! You know, doing this usually leads to prison, at least in the real world.

Of course, our rulers have no intention of imprisoning this wicked man. They will protect him unlike the people around the Clintons who were ruthlessly pursued by a vengeful Starr and some actually went to prison, like McDonnell, rather than lie to a grand jury! Starr hasn't been prosecuted for his prosecution, of course.

But this matter isn't about lying about a blow job. This is about lying about uncovering the identity of a CIA job. A dangerous job dealing with investigating WMD programs!

I also am agast at this smug reporter who sat like a hen on his scoop, "too many people know this" in particular, steams me. Every time we bloggers break through the boundries set by the media, like with the Downing Street Memo conspiracy to not talk about it, when we force the issue they all sigh and say, "Everyone (who runs America) knows this already, it is old news." They then chuckle at our audacity to be in the know.
Here is the text of what O'Donnell said on Friday:

"What we're going to go to now in the next stage, when Matt Cooper's e-mails, within Time Magazine, are handed over to the grand jury--the ultimate revelation, probably within the week of who his source is.

"I know I'm going to get pulled into the grand jury for saying this but the source of...for Matt Cooper was Karl Rove, and that will be revealed in this document dump that Time magazine's going to do with the grand jury."

Other McLaughlin Group panelists then joined in discussing whether, if true, this would suggest a perjury rap for Rove, if he told the grand jury he did not leak to Cooper.
He recognizes here on TV that he is a material witness to a crime and his sighs about being bothered with a grand jury questioning is palpable here. Far from being an outraged citizen who wants rule of law and doing one's duty, he is inconvenienced by the possibility that his dinner dates and cocktail arrangements and hob nobbability will be cramped by him sharing his club's great trove of information with citizens.
According to published reports, Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor in the case, has interviewed President Bush and Vice President Cheney and called Karl Rove, among others, to testify before the grand jury.

"The breadth of Fitzgerald's inquiry has led to speculation that it has evolved into an investigation of a conspiracy to leak Plame's identity," the Chicago Tribune observed on Friday, "or of an attempt to cover up White House involvement in the leak."
When we had the laughable 9/11 commission that refused to pursue many interesting questions concerning the attack on America which Bush called "his trifecta (I won!)" Bush and Cheney insisted they testify in secrecy, together and not under oath. This boon was granted to the duo and they happily lied their heads off after insuring the grilling would last only two hours. It should never had happened. The commission should have resigned when they refused to do it the normal way.

Clinton was forced to testify in public under oath. "Whatever 'is' is," is a famous quote from the video. All the details were fed to the public in raw form. The word "penis" which was verboten in the news as pornographic was everywhere.

The glee with which the press "leaked" all of Starr's information and allegations and such was barely concealed. This feeding frenzy was totally illegal. Grand juries are charged with not leaking information and the prosecutor was well known as the leaker to the point that Starr was investigated. But the charges were dropped when no reporters would tell the Grand Jury who leaked to them specifically.

Now they are at it again, only this time, many humans were brutally killed, our government is rapidly going bankrupt with the huge sums being wasted in Iraq, innocent people were murdered and are dying daily thanks to this little conspiracy. So this isn't a small matter, it is of grave concern. Many wars are started by hysteria like the Cuba adventure, or Vietnam. But this is beyond those war hysterias, this was manufactured with deliberation from the top, not war mongering from the press below. And the crimes against those who opposed this war are intimately intertwined with the crime of the war itself.

This will be bigger than Watergate, everyone. But only if we keep hammering on it.

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Saturday, July 02, 2005



As we zero in on our national celebration of our greatness it is time to reflect on what we have become. To see us for what we are, we go to our allies and former rulers, the British, and view their take on our news.

Open up the BBC front page and it has several important headlines: Live 8 Global Concert to raise awareness of Africa/US planes bomb Taleban stronghold/Iraq envoy accuses US of killing are the three top headlines. Go to any American paper and seek these headlines out! The only war ones are about the "missing troops". No mention of Africa in any shape or form. Seems playing concerts isn't breeching our media barriers, is it? The NYT just put up a picture with a caption, at least. CNN has the concerts on its front page but says they are for "global poverty", not Africa. The logo for the concerts shows an 8 shaped as a guitar resting on top of Africa! At least CNN mentions the demonstrations at the G8 meeting.

The NYT hands over vast tracts of print real estate to some of the shallowest, stupidest writers on earth. From the NYT:
The critics have not been kind to the prose and the plot, but they miss Saddam's strength. He's a marketer. He is said to have finished the novel just as the war was beginning, when American leaders were fantasizing about their troops' being welcomed as liberators. But Saddam knew enough to give his novel a surefire title for the post-invasion era: "Get Out, You Damned One."

It's a naked appeal to xenophobia, an impulse that's far more ancient and widespread than the yearning for democracy that President Bush talked about this week. Yet it's been curiously underestimated by conservatives who used to pay close attention to just this sort of instinct.
The reason why we are so hated by so many is because we are the world's most powerful zenophobes. We think we are number one and our way or the highway and we poke everyone in the eye and tell everyone how to live and then scream in rage when anyone dares to suggest we change things at home. The ultimate zenophobe is an invader who takes this to other lands and then murders lots of people. We are on a killing rage today in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are killing and we are killing. The more we kill them the more they resist us and kill us. Being rank zenophobes, we can't understand why they are killing us.

We invaded their countries.

Getting this fact through dense right wing heads is nearly impossible. If you tell them, "This is what a patriot does to invaders, look, the 4th of July celebrates the day we declared war on our own governors and started fighting them!" falls on deaf ears.

"You support terrorism," is the stock reply.
In those early days, when the memory of Saddam was still fresh, you could walk down a street in Baghdad and be greeted by an Iraqi stranger thanking you for bringing freedom. But even back then there were plenty of Iraqis like Saleh Youssef Sayel, who proudly told me of the reaction of his 5-year-old son, Mustafa, to an American soldier.

"The soldier tried to shake his hand, but my son refused," he said. "He knew enough English to say, 'No. You go.' Later he told me he wanted a gun to kill Americans. This is a natural feeling. Nobody wants a stranger in your house or your country."

The natural impulse to dislike outsiders is so strong that it barely matters who the outsiders are.
Even little children understand invaders are not friends and should be shunned until they leave. The minute we invaded Iraq we became invaders. Duh. And trying to keep a grip on that country has driven us into acting like Nazis. This is part of being a nasty invader.

From the BBC News:
Iraq's ambassador to the UN has demanded an inquiry into what he said was the "cold-blooded murder" of his young unarmed relative by US marines.
Samir Sumaidaie said his 21-year-old cousin was shot as he helped marines who were carrying out searches at his village in the restive Anbar province.
Seems his cousin was happy to see Americans, showed them the rifle, all Iraqis are armed, note how Americans are very proud of being armed at home, ask the NRA! Our redcoats invaded his home, took the gun, took the cousin and shot the other one in the neck and then stomped off. You can bet, a swarm of relatives are now hunting Americans! And they will bag some before long. Nearly all of Iraq's Sunni are now on a crusade to kill as many Americans as possible.

From the Albany Times Union:
A fire broke out Friday at a power station that supplies a Baghdad waterworks, shutting it down and leaving millions of residents without drinking water, officials said.

The blaze came a day after Baghdad's mayor decried the capital's crumbling infrastructure and the lack of clean water and threatened to resign if the Iraqi government won't provide more money.
$300 billion is being spent in Iraq by our mad money grubbing military and they can't run the water or electricty. Our failure to run things is now total. We have nothing to show for our invasion. So why on earth do we stay?

Back to the NYT village idiot:
Because marriage between cousins is so common in the Middle East - half of Iraqis are married to their first or second cousins - Arabs live in tightly knit clans long resistant to outsiders, including would-be liberators. T. E. Lawrence learned that lesson when trying to unify Arabs early in the last century.

"The Semites' idea of nationality," he wrote, "was the independence of clans and villages, and their ideal of national union was episodic combined resistance to an intruder. Constructive policies, an organized state, an extended empire, were not so much beyond their sight as hateful in it. They were fighting to get rid of Empire, not to win it."
My family has been here since the Glorious Revolution failed in England in the 1600's. We have many first cousins marrying each other. This is why many of my relations look so much like my family. I met several Steeles still living in the Hudson Valley and we look the same, we joke about this. We also fought in the Revolution. And we bristle if people tell us how to live and you can bet, anyone invading our lands will be summarily dealt with.

I happen to have read more than once, "The Seven Pillars of WISDOM". It is a powerful book. In it, Lawrence laments his duties that force him to betray those tribal people who trusted him. He is tormented by this knowledge that he is faking their heartfelt revolution. He knows Britain and France have drawn up secret protocols to divide up the lands of the Ottoman Empire without consultation with the people living there and thus the modern map of the Middle East, fractured and unstable, were created.

This is why there is always wars there! And revolutions. Anyone wanting to control any of these false colonial entities must be ruthless.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. We broke away from an empire. We are now an empire. We are the red coats. We are the bad guys. The Iraqis are the Minute Men fighting a well armed empire.

Back to Tierney's wierd analysis:
Today's liberators in Iraq like to attribute the resistance to Islamic fascists' fear of democracy and hatred of the West. But those fascists know that an abstract critique of Western ideology isn't enough to attract followers. In their appeals they constantly invoke the need to expel foreigners from their soil, a battle cry that is the great common denominator of suicide bombers around the world.

Maybe, as President Bush hopes, Americans can stay long enough in the Middle East to jump-start democracy and reduce the long-term risk of terrorism. But in the meantime, they're bound to face resistance, no matter how noble their intentions.

During the Civil War, Union soldiers were amazed to see poor Southerners without any stake in the slavery system defending it in suicidal charges. But there was a simple explanation, as a barefoot, emaciated Confederate captive famously put it when a Union soldier asked him why he kept fighting: "Because you're here."
Well, America is splitting up again thanks to right wingers particularily in the south. They hate what America is: liberal. And they hate the American flag so much they have to pass laws protecting it. Seriously, they hate the Founding Fathers and the Constitution. The Civil War was over the Constitution which is why the southern states got rid of it and replaced it with the confederate statutes. Our intentions towards Iraq were never noble. They were craven from the first day. We claimed Saddam was attacking us when he wasn't and we claimed he had weapons which he didn't.

Our pretense that we are now bringing democracy is ridiculous. Democracy is not done at the point of a gun.

The sickness of the soul of right wing America is right here in Mr. Tierney's column. He calls patriots in Iraq "fascists" because they want to unite their people against foreign imperial invaders! How dare they! Obviously, this demented writer for the NYT knows no American history.

Let's review the 4th of July: we declared war on the British empire. We then ambushed marching troops in Concord and the war raged. People had to choose sides or move or die. If one supported the empire, one could be tarred and feathered and driven out of town or one's barns were burned. This was neighbor against neighbor as well as army against army. Many pro imperialists fled to Canada and Britain.

This is what we are celebrating this month.

From the BBC:
American fighter planes have bombed a suspected Taleban hideout in the same area of eastern Afghanistan where US servicemen are missing, officials say. A senior Afghan official told the BBC 25 people had been killed in two air raids on a house in Chechal village.

US military spokesman Lt Col Jerry O'Hara told the AP news agency: "We conducted an air strike on a target we deemed we had to hit immediately."

He said the target was an "enemy compound" in Kunar province. Lt Col O'Hara said the attack was carried out with precision-guided weapons on a target that was "intelligence driven".
Basically, we bombed a village and killed people and you can bet, this war is just beginning, not ending. Being an empire, we are basically cowardly and use aerial bombs as much as possible against people who have no airforce, no antiaircraft guns, nothing. They are naked to our superior imperial violence.

Yet they fight on. They want us out. They will kill any neighbors who dare to betray their countries and cooperate with foreign invaders. They are Minute Men. They are Patriots.

We are the Red Coats.