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From Crooks and Liars:
CNN's "That's Bullshit" Coverage

Lou Dobbs Tonight, (7/15/05) as Lou was introducing a piece on the Rove story.

Lou says, "...Rove testifying that he first learned about Plame from columnist Robert Novak, a CNN contributor. Danna Bash reports." Immediately after that you can clearly hear a female voice on mic whispering "that's bullshit". Then Dana Bash continues with her report.

Video-WMP only (it's low quality)

(Thanks to Wendy)

If they don't edit this out in the re-broadcast I'll have a QT version also.
Please go to this website and click on the audio. It is really funny. Seems Dana, forced to read her script which is prepared from GOP speaking points, couldn't hold it back anymore and told the truth. This is what we live for on the web, to catch moments like this which is when the mask slips and we learn that our tormentors who pretend to be reporters, actually know they are screwing the pooch. They do this for the money which is why we call them "media whores."

Dana could hold a press conference to explain to us why she knows the crappy news she reads is "bullshit". This would go along ways towards fixing what is broken.

But then, the media whores will return to attacking bloggers for not being real reporters! Heh. Too bad.

Here is her bio:
Dana Bash is CNN's White House correspondent, responsible for covering the activities of the president and the administration, domestically and internationally. Named to this position in November 2002, she is based in the network's Washington, D.C., bureau.

Since being named White House correspondent, Bash has reported from the nation's capital and from locations around the world covering President George W. Bush and the administration, including the 2004 presidential campaign and the capture of Saddam Hussein. Previously, Bash was the Capitol Hill producer for CNN, where she had primary editorial and newsgathering responsibility for the network's coverage of the U.S. Senate.

Since 1999, Bash has covered every major story on Capitol Hill, including the Republican dominance in the 2002 elections, the war on terrorism, campaign finance reform, the Florida recount and the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton. Frequently cited on-air by anchors and reporters, she also provided live reporting during the evacuation of the Capitol building in the days after Sept. 11, 2001. In 2003, Bash provided viewers the latest information about the war in Iraq.

Bash was one of the first journalists to report that Vermont's Sen. Jim Jeffords would leave the Republican Party in May 2001, giving control of the U.S. Senate to Democrats. In 2002, she broke the story of the government's secret intercepts of Al Qaeda translations on Sept. 10, 2001, for which received the prestigious Dirksen Award from the National Press Foundation.
Actually, I was the first to know Jeffords was leaving the party. I was in the hall of the Senate office building just outside the doors of Trent Lott's big office. I was arguing with him and I said, "You won't be here much longer" and he said, "How do you know," and I retorted, "Jeffords told me you were not going to be around much longer." This was in late November, 2000.

Heh. He let it slip because everyone was freaking out over the failed election and we had no winner and he blurted this out to me when I came into his office unexpectedly, talking about voting machines and voter fraud. So I went online and told Joe Conason who then asked Jeffords who then denied it. Rats. But he did tell me and he did do it, as promised.

Dana isn't a bad person, by the way. She is smart and she wants to move up in the world. I only hope she reconsiders who she sleeps with and what secrets she tries to keep from us ordinary bloggers. She isn't outwitting us exactly.

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