Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Why roaches are winning.

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I keep swearing I won't pay attention to Friedman of the NYT but just like it is hard to ignore a roach when it scuttles over one's dinner platters, so I have to occassionally swat at Friedman.

From the NYT:
John Mack, the new C.E.O. at Morgan Stanley, initially demanded in the contract he signed June 30 that his total pay for the next two years would be no less than the average pay package received by the C.E.O.'s at Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. If that average turned out to be more than $25 million, Mr. Mack was to be paid at least that much. He eventually backed off that demand after a howl of protest, but it struck me as the epitome of what is wrong in America today.

We are now playing defense. A top C.E.O. wants to be paid not based on his performance, but based on the average of his four main rivals! That is like Lance Armstrong's saying he will race only if he is guaranteed to come in first or second, no matter what his cycling times are on each leg.
Geeze. What is it with these mindless cyberroaches working for the mass media? Next, will he suggest our CEOs take up bike riding so they can energetically run over bobbies and fall on their faces?

How many miles does Friedman peddle on his trike? One circuit around the Pond in Central Park but only if his mommy hails a taxi to take him home?
I recently spent time in Ireland, which has quietly become the second-richest country in the E.U., first by going through some severe belt-tightening that meant everyone had to sacrifice, then by following that with a plan to upgrade the education of its entire work force, and a strategy to recruit and induce as many global high-tech companies and researchers as possible to locate in Ireland. The Irish have a plan. They are focused. They have mobilized business, labor and government around a common agenda. They are playing offense.
Um, Ireland raided our corporate enties for jobs. They underbid our own people and were some of the first to gain via outsourcing some pretty nice computer jobs. Indeed, how on earth can we imitate them? Who is going to outsource jobs to us?

The Cubans?
And if you were president, would you really say to the nation, in the face of the chaos in Iraq, that "if our commanders on the ground say we need more troops, I will send them," but that they had not asked? It is not what the generals are asking you, Mr. President - it is what you are asking them, namely: "What do you need to win?" Because it is clear we are not winning, and we are not winning because we have never made Iraq a secure place where normal politics could emerge.
He jumps from yapping about Ireland to talking about Cheney and the energy bill that fixes nothing even though he thinks it is a fine bill (what???) when suddenly, he veers aside like a sheep being ordered to run off a cliff and launches into this stuff about Iraq.

It is natural to think "Iraq" when thinking "Cheney" and "oil". But still, that paragraph makes no sense at all. Didn't Bush try to outsource the Iraq war work to Ireland and the rest of Europe? And remember, they said no except for the French who said "non"? Didn't Tony Blair finally do the cheap labor part and for his pains, got bombed?

And what is "normal politics"? Dropping bombs on civilians and then invading and occupying their country against their will isn't "normal", is it?

Maybe it the cockroach empire. They occupy whatever and where ever they want.

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