Saturday, July 23, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I would imagine that even slightly intelligent right wingers would be swimming madly away from the USS Bush Titanic. But they hang on, squealing in protest. Bush's numbers fall, they squeal louder. Their heroes are exposed as moral depraved lunatics, the rats run around in cicles, biting ankles. Their lies about lying lie in ruins.

Time for Tierney, newly hired by the New York Times, to make a fake frontal assault on our sense of fairness and the laws of the land! From the NYT:
The current zeal for sending doctors to jail for writing painkiller prescriptions may seem baffling, especially to the patients who relied on the doctors for pain relief. But if you consider it from the perspective of the agents raiding the doctors' offices, you can see a certain logic.

During the war on drugs in the 1980's and 1990's, federal and local agents risked their lives going after drug gangs on the streets. As their budgets for drug enforcement soared, they arrested hundreds of thousands of people annually and filled a quarter of American prison cells with drug offenders.
Heh. Nothing like getting Bush caught on his coke lies or Schwarzenegger on film toking on a joint to get the right wing to denounce the war on drugs but not change anything! Now that Rush is caught up in the net, Tierney, obeying a call from his owner, has piped up to talk about not enforcing drug laws in this area.
The D.E.A. announced that in two years, there had been 464 OxyContin-related deaths, but most of the victims had taken other drugs, too, so the cause of death was uncertain. Ronald Libby, a political scientist at the University of North Florida, notes that even that figure is a minuscule fraction (0.00008 percent) of the number of OxyContin prescriptions written, and that it's dwarfed by the more than 32,000 people who die in the same period from gastrointestinal bleeding from other painkillers, like aspirin and ibuprofen.

The OxyContin crisis was fanned by sensationalized press coverage and by popular fears that unsuspecting patients getting this painkiller were being turned into dangerous addicts. While it's true that chronic-pain patients taking opioids for a long time require higher and higher doses, the drugs typically don't give them a high or interfere with their lives. Instead, the drugs enable them to function.
Note how he glides from all drugs to the one that matters: Oxytoxin. He belittles the medical data, mocks the laws, mentions everyone but Rush, pretends to be an outsider dispassionately talking about social ills when all he is merely an enabler of a criminal right wing goon who is useful to our rulers.
If enough doctors are jailed or scared into not writing prescriptions, it's conceivable that this drug war could have more impact than the ones against heroin and cocaine - doctors, after all, are harder to replace than crack dealers. But even if there's less OxyContin on the street, is that worth the suffering of patients who can't get the painkillers they need?

Maybe some OxyContin addicts would be helped, but consider the progress the White House's drug-policy agency found last year in a field survey on drug use in Cincinnati:

"Because diverted OxyContin is more expensive and difficult to purchase," the agency reported, "users have switched to heroin."
Behold the psychopathic cannibal in action! The doctors who wrote Rush the Lush all those prescriptions illegally are in trouble. And they will squeal on Rush so why prosecute them? Why put Miller in jail, for that matter? All she is doing is hiding the facts concerning a grave federal crime committed by the President who wanted to destroy the lives of those who opposed his public policies!


Worse! These crummy cannibals are now whining about heroin which is now super cheap. Before we invaded Afghanistan, it was hard to get, expensive, and the Taliban crushed the poppy growers and prevented them from smuggling. In return, we killed them and took over and now 90% of the heroin in the world comes from our province of Afghanistan!

Tierney is a cannibal who is too fearful to hunt with a spear.

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