Thursday, July 28, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Normally I set aside articles as I roam the news services. Sometimes, early in the morning, I read a headline, go off, come back to retrieve the article and it is gone!

Today's mysterious story is about the patriotic rebels (yes, they are! We may not like them but they are!) blew up a bunch of American soldiers and at least two died. I notice that there were zero headlines about this anywhere once I decided to find the article and looked for "soldiers dead" and found virtually no papers or media reported the blow up except at, of course.

Wave those black MIA flags, America! Whoo.

The spectacular train blow up disappeared down the memory hole, too! It was supposed to be spectacular. You would think there would be photos of this, would you? It would be on CNN which just adores war explosions. CNN would run them day and night, missiles and bombs falling upon cities, right? Big thing for them, bombs bursting in air, we sing about this with glee.

Nope. No explosions. No bombs.

In Ohio, in an interview with the press, a voter who isn't going to vote forPaul Hackett, the Iraq war vet who is now against the war, said, "It's a positive thing for him," Mr. Hartman, a substance-abuse specialist with a nonprofit group, said after meeting Ms. Schmidt. "But we're not at war here." Bush pretends we are not at war. He wants to talk about Social Security and wants us to exercise and have more tax cuts. He only talks about the war if forced at gun point. Recently he gave a speech about the war that said nothing and he didn't even urge his besotted followers to join up.

One can't be very surprised that Ohio voters think we are not at war. There is near zero war headlines. I can dig out stories using the internet's vast powers but 90% of the news of it comes from overseas.

My buddies, the Chinese communists, have great news coverage. Heh. Good grief. From Xinhuanet:
A US military helicopter was destroyed when a fire broke out during a hard landing in southeast Afghanistan, but there were no casualties, the US military said onThursday.

The twin-rotor CH-47 Chinook made the hard landing late Wednesday due to brown-out conditions as the crew attempted to land forces near the Pakistani border southwest of the town of Spin Boldak, a military statement said.

"A fire, which is believed to have started from the hard landing, destroyed the aircraft. No one was injured," the statement said.
You can bet, the Chinese are tracking this very closely. They helpfully let us know that at least a dozen helicopters have been shot down or destroyed in Afghanistan. Bet they can tell us all the casualties, too.

This is top secret. I keep a generalized track of this. Unlike all previous wars, the wounded are not counted as "casualties", only the dead. Indeed, they are not mentioned.

The dead?

They get buried deep inside the story! Hidden from view, the specters of war, anonymous, their names no longer revealed later, usually, at the bottom of the story after we read about pipelines and speeches about the constitution of Iraq which is taking away the civil rights of minorities and women, and happy happy talk about troop withdrawals.

Indeed, nearly all of the headlines in America today concerning this non-war was about troop withdrawals. Desperate for popularity, under fire because of Rove, Bush has his media whores trumpeting the planned troop withdrawals. I have a long memory. I remember when troops were at 120,000, they talked about troop withdrawals a year ago. Many headlines blared this information. Today there are 143,000 troops and a host of armed mercenaries. So the news?

Troops will be drawn down to 120,000 by next spring. Oh boy. I can't wait!

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