Wednesday, August 17, 2005


From "Heaven onlly knows" by Joe Archibald, 1945/ Science Fiction Art by Brian Aldiss

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Our rulers are getting pretty surly. Remember the hoo ha over the brain dead woman? Congress held special sessions that ran into the night and desperately tried to twist laws by passing obviously unconstitutional stuff, all to pander to right wingers wailing. Bush left his vacation hideaway to fly to DC to sign the unconstitutional bill.

They all had tons of time, money and compassion...for right wingers.

Now they are wailing and keening that Bush can't spare five minutes to argue with mothers of soldiers killed in his stupid little wars.

From the NYT:
CINDY Sheehan's attempt to have President Bush tell her - again - how sorry he is about the death of her son in Iraq is escalating into a protest more political than personal. As such, it is a legitimate expression of antiwar sentiment. But the individual cry for attention at the heart of it - "Mr. President, feel my pain!" - is misguided. Ms. Sheehan cannot expect a commander in chief to emote on demand.
Talk about a dead brained dodo. She wants to talk not about her son who is already dead but about the stupid war that is killing other sons and daughters that Bush's own children are not fighting. She wants to debate about this war, a debate Bush won't have with any Americans much less the victims of his policies.

What troubles me most is the NYT editors won't note that this editorial sucks. They could easily pull it and tell the lying courtier that he is making stuff up since he won't address this obvious inequality of issues. Lately, there have been a tsunami of editorials that skip over essential points like the sudden rash of "why have a war on prescription drugs?" push to get Rush Limbough off the hook or whining about Judith Miller in jail when the NYT doesn't give a hoot about Padillo or all the unfortunate people Starr imprisoned, trying to make them tell false tales about Clinton's sex life.
Richard Nixon was not unsympathetic so much as transcendentally awkward. His way of dealing with a situation only half as fraught as Reagan's encounter with the state trooper was a desperate attempt at wit: "Don't worry, soldier, you see too much out of the other eye, anyway."
Nixon lived in a bubble, too. He didn't want to argue with us, he wanted to destroy us. Shoot at us. Hammer us. Arrest us. Far from being besieged by beggars, we were intent on making him face reality.

He didn't want to and didn't do it, ever.

Bush, like Nixon, wants to keep us at arm's length, preferably, a million miles away as he kills foreign people and leaves us exposed to attacks at home. He wants to talk to us through his media whores who bellow his opinions at us while we scream at him in the streets and on the internet. He hates us. Far from an excess of humanist feeling, this psychopath hates his victims and he wants to push us into a deadly trap because this makes him and his oil buddies filthy rich.

The NYT hosts this elephantine parade of garbage because Bush gives the owners huge tax cuts, no inheritance taxes, lots of leverage and they obey their buddy in crime.

It tees me off, this sort of fake editorial, full of lies and mixing up people on personal missions begging for something vs a leader of the anti war movement who has a real, very public, international, important bone to pick.

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