Friday, August 05, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

What with the media making frantic over bloggers and computer P2P users and Chinese copywrite violators and all sorts of flim flam, they keep getting their balls caught in their own machinery.

From Inhome:
A US judge has finalised the settlement of a lawsuit brought by disgruntled movie-goers who accused Hollywood's Sony motion picture studio of using a fake critic to trick them into seeing mediocre films, lawyers have said.

Sony Pictures Entertainment agreed to pay USD 1.5 million to resolve the class-action suit filed in 2001 claiming the studio invented a bogus critic to heap praise on its movies, the movie-goers' attorney Norman Blumenthal said yesterday.
Maybe we could sue over all the bad movies we watch? Heh. One way to get back, no?
The suit was filed following a report that Sony's Columbia Tristar unit had used glowing reviews allegedly written by the non-existent David Manning that heaped gushing praise on films including Hollow Man and A Knight's Tale. Angry fans accused the studio of misleading them with quotes from the non-existent critic Manning who, in 2001, proclaimed Australian actor Heath Ledger was 'this year's hottest new star' following his role in A Knight's Tale.
"The Knightmare of Sony Street, II" couuld be a fun movie. The fact that the movie moguls made up a critic who could flack for them shows how very far behind Bush they are. He just goes out and buys pundits and reporters who then pretend they are not working for him.

By the way, this is old stuff.

Reporters have been very happy to work for those they are supposed to be investigating. Take this example, From Radio Democracy Now:
Amy Goodman and her brother, fellow journalist David Goodman, have co-authored an opinion piece in the Baltimore Sun today called Hiroshima Cover-up, challenging the New York Times coverage of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 60 years ago.

They are filing an official request with the Pulitzer committee to strip New York Times correspondent William Laurence of the Pulitzer he was awarded for his reporting on the atomic bomb. Laurence was not just a reporter for the Times, he was also on the payroll of the US government. He wrote military press releases and statements for President Harry S. Truman and Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, all the while faithfully parroting the line of the US government in the pages of the New York Times. His reporting was crucial in launching a half century of silence about the deadly lingering effects of the bomb. It is high time, the Goodmans say, for the Pulitzer board to strip Hiroshima's apologist, William Laurence, and his newspaper, the New York Times of their undeserved prize.
You would think the NYT would be very angry about this just like they are oh so angry about Judith Miller...not. Operation Mockingbird was instituted so the CIA could sneak false information and rank propaganda into the news stream by using the cover of real reporters acting as if they were indepenent agents.

Our government spends billions abroad, corrupting and buying the alligence of traitors in many other countries which is why China, none too happy with us this week despite their private visits with the Bush clan, Rice and Bolton, From the New York Times:
China said today that it had formally arrested a Hong Kong-based newspaper correspondent and accused him of spying for Taiwan, the latest in a series of signs that China is tightening controls on the media.
The government here can't use the thrifty Chinese methods. Thanks to our Constitution, we have "freedom of speech," sort of, maybe. Anyway, they have to pay people like Armstrong Williams a huge bribe to flack fake reviews of steaming piles of GOP tripe. They have to be very sneaky but this doesn't bother them.

It is our money Chinese loans we will have to pay back, not their money.

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