Saturday, August 27, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush had no time to spare to talk to Cindy Sheehan or anyone really important to America but he obviously has plenty of time for throwing parties. From Editor and Publisher:
More than four dozen members of the press corps accepted an invitation to a barbeque at the Bush ranch in Texas last night, even though it was off-the-record and they had to ride a bus past the Cindy Sheehan-led antiwar camp site.

The party was pool side, though no one stripped and swam. The president wore jeans and served Texas beer.
Well, according to my secret photo you can see above, they did swim and they did strip! This is why they were sworn to secrecy. Like in a typical Skull and Bones bash, they had to worship the Devil of Death and dance around naked. Sounds like a typical Bohemia Club party, for that matter.
Dan Froomkin, in his online Washignton Post column today, notes that “in spite of all the recent press demands for senior administration officials to stay on the record more often, the press corps can't resist an offer of face time with the president, pretty much no matter what the conditions.”

Nevertheless, he reports, he had been told “that several reporters expressed squeamishness about last night's event, particularly as the press-pool vans drove by antiwar protester Cindy Sheehan's 'Camp Casey' site. And later, a small handful watched askance as the rest fawned over Bush, following him around in packs every time he moved.”
Anyway, the media whores were delighted to sneak into the Bush Waco Compound and to smooze with the booze, you know, Bush served alcohol, and have top secret Skull and Bones conversations with the Chief Brat himself and I am assuming, though I have no pictures to prove this, they got branded, too.
"It is no small feat to organize the White House press corps, over 60 strong, into a half dozen white vans and then motorcade them to the ranch. This summer, of course, has been no ordinary summer, with Cindy Sheehan camped out along the side of the road and those opposing her views on the other - the van ride to the ranch is a reminder that our country is at war and the President we are to visit has much on his mind..
Oh, getting the little brats lined up and onto the buses sure is challenging. Sort of like herding pigs. It really isn't that hard. You clang the bucket of sops and yell, "Soooooeeeee pig pig pig," really loud. I assure you, the pigs move very fast.

At Gitmo today, the captives there are on a hunger strike. Of course, no one talks about them anymore. They are our scapegoats who had nothing to do with assisting Atta in his attacks on America that one fine, sunny day, whose anniversary is just about to dawn.

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