Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Criminals at the NYT and WP Attack Wilson and Fitzgerald Again


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

We now know that the Washington Post, the New York Times and many other major media organizations were co-criminals with the Bush/Cheney conspiracy to lie about WMD and Saddam. Fearful of the prosecutor, these same criminals are now conspiring to destroy the prosecutor and witnesses. Arrest them all.

From the criminals at the Washington Post:
To his backers, Joseph C. Wilson IV is a brave whistle-blower wronged by the Bush administration. To his critics, he is a partisan who spouts unreliable information.

But nobody disputes this: Possessed of a flamboyant style and a love for the camera lens, Wilson helped propel the unmasking of his wife's identity as a CIA operative into a sprawling, two-year legal probe that climaxes this week with the possible indictment of key White House officials. He also turned an arcane matter involving the Intelligence Identities Protection Act into a proxy fight over the administration's credibility and its case for war in Iraq.
Oh my god. If you are flamboyant, it is OK to become the victim of rape, eh? So, Valerie Plame dressed too flashy, eh? So Cheney and Bush gave the media the keys to her bedroom and asked them to rape her, eh? So she deserved this?

Wow. A new legal twist! If she dressed like a nun, she wouldn't have been outed, right? Eh?

What the fuck? Think that CIA agents are hidden in the dark? Eh? The top agents operate using false fronts out in the open, often on TV a lot, ahem, hello, everyone! I know this for a fact. Stasi agents in East Germany were on stages, on TV, ditto the KGB, and certainly our own CIA. They all do this. "Hiding in the open" it is called. Duh.

Valeries REAL job was hidden just as much as our news media mavens hide their under the table payments from the government as well as their agenda.

Kristof, at the NYT, attacks the fundamental basis of the rule of law. Like his fellow criminal, Miller, he poo poos the Constitution and the law and is angry about prosecutors snooping around the double agents working for the NYT and WP. How dare they reveal the extent of this quasi-governmental collusion!

Meanwhile, the war roars on as the fake constitution passes in Iraq leading to the Civil War just like our own Constitution which gave power to slave owners via the 3/5 vote for every slave provision in our own Constitution.

I want the owners of the Washington Post and New York Times investigated and arrested. They are war criminals. They colluded with the Bush criminals in defaming the victims of a grave crime. They are traitors who are selling us out to foreign powers.

Arrest everyone.


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