Wednesday, October 12, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

They killed Smurfette to make a point. Of course, many cheered, but that is another matter. The UN wants to stop war. From the BBC News:
The UN children's agency has launched a hard-hitting ad campaign, involving cartoon legends the Smurfs being blown away in a sudden air strike.
The film, which aims to raise money for former child soldiers in Africa, is being shown on Belgian TV.

A spokesman for Unicef Belgium said it had departed from previous policies on advertising in order to shock people, and that this tactic was working.

Unicef said the ad should only run late at night to avoid scaring children.

The 20-second clip opens with the Smurfs happily dancing and singing their theme song accompanied by birds and butterflies.

But then planes appear which drop bombs on the idyllic scene, setting fire to the blue-skinned characters' houses.

One character, Smurfette, is killed and others run for cover while a baby is left crying in the middle.

The ad finishes with the message: "Don't let war affect the lives of children."
The claim is to stop "child soldiers in Africa" but the real message is obvious: child soldiers don't drop WMD from airplanes. Nor do any of the combatants in the ongoing tribal troubles in Africa. There is only one country dropping bombs from planes on peasants: the USA.

Indeed, aside from that, the Smurfs live in magic mushrooms, they are covered with woad and they like to sing around blazing fires, looks like Burning Man celebrants, no? They have a distinctly "hippie-type" philosophy and lifestyle, even gay members live there, they are certainly exactly the sort of creatures the American right wingers want to annihilate.

So they are being radicalized. Next thing you know, little blue terrorists will be blowing up subway trash cans or making loudspeakers squeal with feedback at embarrassing moments or even cutting the electrical feed during football games.

They can destroy America.

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