Sunday, October 30, 2005

Krauthammer Wants New Antiwar Leader: Here is One for Us!

fPicture from the Mirror, UK

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Washington Post is in full bellow today, roots trembling with fear and indignation. They are now again attacking Cindy Sheehan for talking about imperialism and they want a new antiwar leader. I suggest they talk about Thomas Young.

From Krauthammer:
Now that Cindy Sheehan turns out to be a disaster for the antiwar movement -- most Americans are not about to follow a left-wing radical who insists that we are in Iraq for reasons of theft, oppression and empire -- a new spokesman is needed. If I were in the opposition camp, I would want a deeply patriotic, highly intelligent, distinguished establishment figure. I would want Brent Scowcroft.
Oh yes, Cindy is mean. She talks about reality! This is strictly verboten, our propaganda is all about how we are this shy, retiring democracy that wants to merely share the fruits of freedom and liberty which is why we station most of our military overseas even as we close bases here at home and most of our allies that allow our troops to occupy their countries are vile dictatorships, yeah.

Kraut is attacking Scowcroft because this Presidential advisor was against going into the Iraqi cul de sac from day one. Well, let's look at one of the men and women we sent into that sand trap: From the Mirror, UK:
I went to fight in Iraq to get revenge for 9/11... I found out Bush had led us into a war that was immoral and totally wrong
From Ryan Parry in Kansas City, Missouri
BRAVE Tomas Young saw it as his patriotic duty to join the Army three days after 9/11.

Tomas, 25, wanted revenge on the terrorists who murdered nearly 2,750 people in the Twin Towers.

But on his first mission in Iraq - and before he had fired a single bullet in anger - he was left paralysed from the chest down after being shot in an ambush.
Krauthammer knows probably no one who has been blown up in Iraq. The victims of this badly run, illegal war, are not part of the well watered aspen forest whose roots are so intertwined. Mr. Young was a real patriot. So of course, he is ignored here at home. Many web sites are echoing this Mirror story out of England, we have to traipsie overseas to get news about real patriotic Americans who live in America, isn't this funny, NOT.

Tomas paid a very high price for Iraq and he gets to eke out the rest of his life, tended by his wife and family, with bare minimum support. HIs future poverty and suffering is not what Cheney and his gang are getting, they get zillions in sweetheart contracts for this war. The Daddy Warbucks in DC are rolling in dough thanks to this war. Even as Congress is cutting ruthlessly all social programs, they are lavishing tons of money on this war.

"I joined the Army to exact some sort of retribution on what happened to us, whether it be going to find Osama bin Laden or to get al-Qaeda.

"I joined to get back for what happened. Nothing more, nothing less. But so far there have been 2,000 dead American soldiers and some 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians.

"That's certainly a lot more than we lost on September 11. What has happened in Iraq is wrong."

Tomas, now confined to a wheelchair, is bitter that his Government's lies got him to enrol.

And he is frustrated Mr Bush will not listen to the American public and withdraw the troops.

He said: "From the start I didn't see a connection between Iraq and 9/11, but when Bush first said, 'Weapons of mass destruction', I bought into that a bit.

"However, when that reason became more and more bulls**t I started to fall off the bandwagon.

"It became clear they didn't have any strong connection and that's when I started to snap."
Krauthammer won't tell us why he supports this war. He won't explain his own personal roots that are dug deep into alien territory. We know one country in the Middle East, besides Iran, who wanted to deep six Saddam. Israel.

Since Krauthammer won't talk about his real reasons for sacrificing patriotic Americans, why should the WP give him room to rant? After all, wait! They are all connected at the roots, all of these people. Note how Krauthammer says nada about the Franklin guilty plea! You would think, as a patriot, he would be all hot and bothered that Israel has been openly spying on the USA, his "nation"!

Surrounded by traitors who attack real patriots like Cindy Sheehan, a woman who dares to talk about the Israeli-DC axis of power, our ship of state is sinking. Instead of engaging in a healthy debate about how healthy it is for our empire to take on so many military adventures that are not aventageous, Krauthammer and his ilk attack on a the bearers of bad news. Back to Krauthammer's slime:
Even today Scowcroft says, "I didn't think that calling the Soviet Union the 'evil empire' got anybody anywhere." Tell that to Natan Sharansky and other Soviet dissidents for whom that declaration of moral -- beyond geopolitical -- purpose was electrifying and helped galvanize the movements that ultimately brought down the Soviet empire.

It was not brought down by diplomacy and arms control, the preferred realist means for dealing with the Soviet Union. It was brought down by indigenous revolutionaries, encouraged and supported by Ronald Reagan, a president unabashedly dedicated not to detente with evil but to its destruction -- i.e., regime change.
Talk about fairy tales. Ridiculous history. Reality: Reagan loved Gorbachev! He made deals with Gorbachev! He stopped calling the Evil Empire "evil" after meeting with Gorbachev! They were more buddy-buddy than Bush and Putin! What happened to the Soviets?

They went bankrupt. Duh. Too much military spending and control over far flung provinces was collapsing. They could no longer occupy Eastern Europe, they couldn't hang onto their own lands. Afghanistan was bleeding them to death, financially and militarily. Oh, more deaths in Afghanistan for our forces and our allies this week. And the numbers in Iraq are worse and worse each month, not better. Bleed, bleed!

When people refuse to understand historical processes and regurgitate agitprop like this Krauthammer traitor, one wonders, why does the WP give such fools so much money, so much power? And the owner of the Post wonders why Bush can't throw out his sychophants and replace them with thinking individuals! Clean your own Stygian stables, dude.

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