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By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Last night, in between dealing with the floods, I was trolling the raw photo feed when, in the middle of pictures of the devastation from the earthquakes and floods, resided the picture above of the man at a podium with a weird name attached. The caption said, "Media and Homeland Security work together."

I said, "Ah-ha! Our much vaunted MSM and the GOP conspiring together, I wonder what is up with them?" So I innocently googled information about this organization and very little popped up, indeed, many word various got preciious little information, none about this present conference which is obviously not being touted in the press at all and indeed, this photo and the tiny caption seems to be all that is exposed of this big, fat iceberg of collusion.

There are no news stories I could find easily on the web which means the MSM and their toadies are covering their tracks but I did get this year's Power Point presentation: I can't click and drag it so you must click on this to see it.
Under "Local Goals and Objectives" are these: Set priorities and identify OBSTACLES

Define responsibilities

OK, it seems this media/government machine was createed after the 9/11 disaster when the media slipped up and let too much information flow. They clamped down within hours and began a concerted effort to lie and totally fabricate reality. On the web, many weirdo sites created deliberate confusion with bizarre theories thus burying the really hard work done by us web commentators who painstakingly assembled a true timeline. Not it is very hard to find the truth about 9/11 with too many sources and entities that are fake.

The rulers don't mind weird theories, they can call it "tin foil hat conspiriacies" and ignore it. But the real timelines scare them. They thought they brought the vast machinery under control but once again, real events blew it apart. The RESISTANCE AND FEEDBACK parts they are concerned with are people like myself. Bloggers yapping, seeking the truth, pulling it online and most importantly, putting it all into context! With Hurricane Katrina, we forced the MSM to pay attention to the poor in New Orleans. They really didn't want to report on all this but we dug up material about how money was bled from the dike programs, how the National Guard's manchinery and men were fatally set in Iraq, we forced them to look at the dead, we did many things and more importantly, significant reporters/photographers told the truth.

One example of the power of bloggers is the story that people trying to escape New Orleans were forced back at gun point from leaving by a sheriff. This sheriff isn't in jail. He is still sheriff! But I carried the email story, many did, it took three days to finally hit the so-called news media, the MSM itself finally carried it...without any context, of course, and when the next hurricane blew in, they made up news wholesale like "No deaths!" when people were drowning to death! "No damage to the oil industry" when historic devastation was being wrecked," this is what the "control" is all about: getting the media to conspire to LIE about ONGOING EVENTS. The obstacle is our counter-news efforts undoing these lies.

On the chart above, there they are, the main players in this quasi-governmental organization. Note their interesting histories, they are all war mongering nuts out to exploit us.

There are past stories or information about this organization. For example, this: From All Hands Community
For Immediate Release May 28, 2003
Remarks by Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge to the Media Security and Reliability Council

Federal Communications Commission

Washington, D.C. (10:10 a.m. EDT)

SECRETARY RIDGE: Dennis, thank you very much. Chairman Powell, and members of the Council, I want to express my appreciation for your work.

And Susan Neely is with me. She's Assistant Secretary for Communications. She is responsible for the public affairs portion of homeland security. We view it as a ‑‑ one of the most critical components of the new department, and one of the most important pieces of critical infrastructure.

We need to protect those means by which we communicate timely and accurate information to the public during periods of crisis, and so we're going to stick around a little bit longer and benefit from your discussion of best practices. I mean, we think the work you've done, we suspect has immediate application to that point.

You should know that, during the top-off exercise that you-all covered and commented upon last week, where we had the radiological device detonated in Seattle and the biological challenge in, the plague, in Chicago, that for the purposes of the exercise, we engaged Frank Sesno to set up a VNN network so that we could work through the entire five days through the media, because we understand that communication during times of crisis is a critical part of what we do, so literally, every day.

And it was a means by which we could have emergency management officials and public officials and others view our emergency communication, and we had that as an integral part of the exercise, and we're going to go back and review what we said, how it was projected, how people who viewed it responded to it. We're going to be very analytical and very, I think, very constructive as we take a look at our emergency communication plan during those two crises, and I suspect that had we had the benefit, perhaps, of your work and the reports of your best practices, we might have actually changed how we responded.

But we did have, as part of that program, a virtual news network. They ran it constantly. And engaging you today and engaging you for all time in the future, as we deal with the challenge confronting this nation in the post-9/11 environment is something that we have to sustain this conversation, because the public information component is one of the most critical pieces of the national response to crisis.

And so I'm grateful for the invitation to be with you today and anxious to spend some time with you discussing the work product of your working groups.
They play "war games" where they pretend they, the rulers, have to "address" the American people and not in the old fashioned way of having the President make a speech, no, this has to be much more clever and thus, the need to practice manipulation COORDINATION. If only one media refuses to play along, it becomes an obstacle, not a team player!

As a side note, here is the MSM trying to fix up a broken connection, rehabilitating Bennett, note the number of pundits screaming to eliminate his media presence...NOT.

From Yahoo:
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Former Education Secretary William Bennett on Saturday blamed the news media for distorting his remarks about aborting black babies, saying he had intended to make "a bad argument in order to put it down."

Bennett, making his first public speech since the comment aired on his radio show last month, said the meaning of his remark linking the crime rate with black abortions was reversed in many news reports.

"I was putting forward a bad argument in order to put it down," Bennett said, drawing sustained applause from nearly 4,500 people attending the Bakersfield Business Conference. "They reported and emphasized only the abhorrent argument, not my shooting it down."
Dozens of residents marched in protest outside the convention center where Bennett spoke, many saying they wanted to make sure he did not feel welcome in their community. Before the speech, local black leaders met with Bennett for an hour.

"He heard our outrage and our hurt, but he didn't say he was sorry," said Irma Carson, a Bakersfield councilwoman. "We didn't take (his comment) out of context, because there's no context in which those comments would fit."

Many in the largely white crowd attending Saturday's conference said it was clear to them that Bennett was using an extreme example that did not represent his views to make a point.
I am glad this article is fairly neutral. This is hard work for our MSM, cleaning up elephant shit. Code Orange! They will meander this story into the ground. This is where community action does work. If outraged people put on pressure, they have to respond. They do minimize this pressure by deliberately lying about how many people demonstrate and what they are trying to communicate. But this control slips whenever someone becomes too unpopular as the very recently "reelected" Bush is vastly unpopular. Geeze. Makes one wonder about that "election", doesn't it?

So, in conclusion: Fuck the MSRC and the MSM and the GOP. Fuck them all.

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