Saturday, October 15, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I build houses and do escavation work. I took one look at the latest photo op for Bush and laughed my head off. I did take the liberty to make the picture more believable.

But it was a 100% fake show. Why this is being foisted on us is obvious. Bush needs to pretend he, the prissiest of pretty boy, the rankest of Richie Riches, has to mimic real workers. Being a spoiled brat, he can't do a credible job of it. First---you do not hammer nails in the dark. Easy to see why! The chances of nailing the thumb is great. One does this only in emergencies or if one is very good at it and I will assure you, even with artificial lighting, it is hard to not slip up, nailing is dangerous work which is why I almost never use a hammer anymore except to hit pieces of wood into place, no nails for me! No way.

Secondly, look at the real President Jimmy Carter doing real work.
It is daylight. He has a glove on the hammer hand but note how he has no glove on the nail holding hand! Duh. Try picking up nails with a damn glove on! Even so, the glove he wears is one I stopped using years ago because they have really good gloves out now that have fingertip sensitivity while the main part is strong and flexible and unlike split leather gloves, you can get it wet and it doesn't stiffen up or fall apart.

I once lost gloves like the ones these amatures are wearing. We were felling trees in the forest and it was fall and the gloves were dropped so I could fiddle with the chainsaw. They dissappeared into the leaf matter and it was snowing so we couldn't find them again. The next spring, I was up in the woods and spotted them but when I picked them up, they fell into two neat pieces because the forest mice ate the outside seams because of the salt sweat in them!

The reporter interviewing our little prissy boy asked him somewhat sane questions which set Bush off into a rictus dance, St. Vitus would be proud! He gimmaced and sputtered, his eyes blinking like a lighthouse on speed, he nearly jiggled himself off the ladder, watching this poor creature answer questions is like watching Linda Blair in the exorcist.

Now, that would be a photo-op I would like to see.

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