Monday, October 31, 2005

Republicans Continue to Lie About CIA Covert Act


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Victoria Toensing is one of the people who helped write the CIA Covert Agent laws. She now shills for the GOP and lies about the laws she wrote. In particular, her contention that it was written so it wouldn't apply to nearly anyone means she is a traitor who deliberately set things up so CIA agents could be attacked. Also-- the Vietnam war rears its ugly head again, all because of the lies told back then, lies concocted to fool Americans into an unnecessary war.

From Bloomberg news:
Randall Eliason, the former chief of the public corruption section of the U.S. Attorney's office in Washington, said the fact that Fitzgerald pursued Cooper and Miller so aggressively suggests that he has a legal target in sight. It is rare for a federal prosecutor to seek jail for a reporter who refuses to reveal sources, he said.

``You wouldn't expect him to go to these lengths unless he thought he had something serious to look at,'' Eliason said. ``You don't compel reporters to testify or jail reporters unless you have a pretty good reason. This is not something you do lightly.''

Eliason said Fitzgerald could be pursuing a perjury or obstruction of justice charge rather than a prosecution under the 1982 law that makes it a crime to reveal the name of a covert operative. He said that for an indictment under that law, Plame would have had to have been a covert operative, Rove would have had to have known she was covert, and information about her status would have to be classified.

`Difficult to Prove'

Victoria Toensing, who was chief counsel to the Senate Intelligence panel when the law was drafted, said it is ``very difficult to prove'' someone violated the statute.
This Toensing female has deep tonsils for her long history of being the covert voice for the GOP. She was the funnel for much of Ken Starr's legendary leakage back during the Monica dress affair. During that illegal investigation, we on the left called for Ken Starr to resign and for a special prosecutor to investigate his illegal leaks. Of course, he was never punished or debarred or anything. Nor was Toensing who aided and abetted Starr. She, like her fellow conspiritors, flourished on TV and in print, blythely spreading lies or compromising secrets. After all, the information Starr was collecting was all supposed to be secret but this didn't stop her from visiting her right wing buddy and then openly flacking it all in the media!

Sort of like Judy Miller.

Here is a blast from that past:From American Politics:
THURSDAY MARCH 5TH 1998 --- New York (APJP) -- We suppose, like everyone else today, we should be writing about the leak of the President's deposition to the Washington Post. Suffice it to say, "It's old news." As we write, Susan Carpenter McBimbo is sitting in a MSNBC studio lying through her teeth, and is allegedly as usual claiming the White House leaked the deposition. "Even Paula's husband hasn't see a copy," she grins. We should talk about her, but.....


We're going to talk about two very much more disgusting characters than that -- two people that the brilliant writer Jacob Weisberg, and the illuminating Damon Chappie of Roll Call, the leading Capitol Hill newspaper -- seem to have little respect for.

Weisberg writes often for Slate, but he outdid himself examining none other than, from a Democrat's point of view, "The Couple from Hell" -- Lucy-like Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova, the fourth Stooge -- a match that can't be beat if you're betting on the couple most likely to lose their clients first.
Interesting reading, a good jog to my own memory of those exciting times when we all used to hang out at the various forums of the major media, nearly all of which are now gone with the wind.

Thank goodness for blogs, right?

Media Matters has been chasing down Victoria Toensing's lies and fabrications for quite a while. She is an endless font of bad information. Of course, she never appears on TV next to the various bloggers who track and refute her lies. This is how the media continues to cover up the cover up. Namely, since they only use people who are deeply connected via those pesky tree roots to each other to examine this mess, of course, they get everything wrong or worse, add more lies to the already towering edifice of lies.

This whole business really steams me because the entire point of passing that stupid law to protect CIA agents was because the CIA and the American right wing wanted to protect CIA agents so they couldn't be "outed". Period. If the law was witlessly written so it has no possible use then the traitors who lied about this law while writing it and passing it should be examined. Why did they do this farcial thing?

After all, Victoria, the writer of this law, herself claims it is as useless as a toupee on a fifteen year old boy! Why have it? Why write it? Was it done to fool the CIA so operatives could imagine they were safe when they really were not safe? Eh? Why even have any secrets at all? Why classify anything since nothing is really classified, at least when the GOP decides it isn't classified!

Why bother? Instead of laughing this ridiculous woman and her consorts off the stage, they get gobs of TV time with virtually no outrage. Note that Cindy Sheehan, when she correctly examines our imperialist wars, is mocked by the media, why don't they mock Victoria?

Oh, those pesky roots again!

From the NYT:
The National Security Agency has kept secret since 2001 a finding by an agency historian that during the Tonkin Gulf episode, which helped precipitate the Vietnam War, N.S.A. officers deliberately distorted critical intelligence to cover up their mistakes, two people familiar with the historian's work say.

The historian's conclusion is the first serious accusation that communications intercepted by the N.S.A., the secretive eavesdropping and code-breaking agency, were falsified so that they made it look as if North Vietnam had attacked American destroyers on Aug. 4, 1964, two days after a previous clash. President Lyndon B. Johnson cited the supposed attack to persuade Congress to authorize broad military action in Vietnam, but most historians have concluded in recent years that there was no second attack.

The N.S.A. historian, Robert J. Hanyok, found a pattern of translation mistakes that went uncorrected, altered intercept times and selective citation of intelligence that persuaded him that midlevel agency officers had deliberately skewed the evidence.

Mr. Hanyok concluded that they had done it not out of any political motive but to cover up earlier errors, and that top N.S.A. and defense officials and Johnson neither knew about nor condoned the deception.
No political motive? HAHAHAHA. I remember that war! Like this one, all the "mistakes" were the sort that would allow the mad dog imperialists running our military and bankrolling our supposed leaders to run riot. Never were they "mistakes" that would minimize the urge to war! I remember the Vietnamese government (sic) floundering fatally and we wanted to up the military response but didn't have a "Pearl Harbor" to egg people at home into supporting a bloody conflict so of course, "it accidentally" happens. Har. I remember the media screaming about dominoes and how we have to draw a line in the sand, etc.

The pre-war push was nearly identical to the pre-Iraq war push.

Same style, techniques, nearly exact same words, often the same goddamn actors! Geeze!
Aid's description of Mr. Hanyok's findings was confirmed by the intelligence official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the research has not been made public.

Both men said Mr. Hanyok believed the initial misinterpretation of North Vietnamese intercepts was probably an honest mistake. But after months of detective work in N.S.A.'s archives, he concluded that midlevel agency officials discovered the error almost immediately but covered it up and doctored documents so that they appeared to provide evidence of an attack.

"Rather than come clean about their mistake, they helped launch the United States into a bloody war that would last for 10 years," Mr. Aid said.
So why weren't these officials who doctored the information put on trial for war crimes? Why is the UN all hot under the collar about Syria and that assassination but not about our invasion of Iraq or the Vietnam war, both of which were illegal as hell? Why have a CIA if it isn't operative? Why have secret military information if it is all hogwash and no one is punished for lying about it? Why allow some people to spy on our military while we scream about the need for security and pass ever more draconian laws to "protect America" even as the law writers shrug all this off if they themselves are caught breaking the laws they sponsored or wrote?

After all, Cheney voted for the law Toensing wrote and at that time, he and his fellow conspiritors all made big noise about how strenuously the long arm of the law will prosecute anyone breaking it.

I hear the sound of glass shattering here!
Mr. Weber said the agency was working to declassify not only Mr. Hanyok's article, but also the original intercepts and other raw material for his work, so the public could better assess his conclusions.

The intelligence official gave a different account. He said N.S.A. historians began pushing for public release in 2002, after Mr. Hanyok included his Tonkin Gulf findings in a 400-page, in-house history of the agency and Vietnam called "Spartans in Darkness." Though superiors initially expressed support for releasing it, the idea lost momentum as Iraq intelligence was being called into question, the official said.
The shadow of Vietnam hangs over our entire government. There should be absolutely no secrets from that time. Heck, they kept many WWII secrets hidden because they showed the USA openly courting or hiding Nazi and Japanese war criminals, for example!

Nixon's dark shadow hangs over DC and the Iraq war memorial should be built on top of the Vietnam memorial wall and all these people responsible for both disasterous wars should be put in prison after a trial at the Hague.


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