Sunday, October 30, 2005

Washington Post Wants Bush Gravy Train to Roll Onwards


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Washington Post caters to rich lobbyists while papering over crimes in the White House. Gloriously incurious, totally unable to explain anything, they tell Bush how to save himself: get better toadies. Perhaps he should hire America's Most Wanted. At least we will know they are already criminals that can't be caught easily.

From the owner of the Washington Post:
POLITICAL COMMENTARY is addicted to bold trends: Leaders must be either up or down; sideways isn't tolerated.
Yes, we know the media whores are mainlining heroin. The question is, why does this man who owns the WP complain? He is the one providing them with the money to buy the dopey commentary. Indeed, if the comments are particularily stupid, he gives them pay hikes! Duh.
So it's easy to forget that, along with the implosion of the Harriet Miers candidacy for the Supreme Court, last week featured the nomination of a highly qualified candidate to head the Federal Reserve; or that, along with the indictment of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, last week brought a big step toward ending the investigation that has put a cloud over the White House for so long. Presidents have a way of bouncing back from low points, and it is too early to assume that President Bush is a lame duck.
The owner of the WP wants his tax cuts and his ability to form monopolies to be forever so he has to keep Bush propped up. Note the ads surrounding this editorial. There are many a mistress needing goodies to be happy. So the money game has to continue. The rich need endless funds to party, note how they run up $250,000 tabs in Manhattan, playing with lap dancers! What really touches me is how this owner thinks the Plame scandal is now over. His refusal to understand that the game is beginning now, not ending, is not accidental. He and his merry whores conspire with the resident in the WH to do all sorts of ugly things. To appear to be a newspaper instead of a mouthpiece, the owner allows naive reporters to blurt out the truth on page five with an editor adding a misleading headline. For example, at the DC correspondent's dinner, the reporter told us how Bush charmed them all by making them laugh about the lack of WMD. They all knew it was a joke from day one when Powell lied to the UN. They think this lie is very funny and no one has to be punished for lying about going to war, this is business as usual! Of course, Iran must be punished for talking about going to war with Israel! This is verboten!

Anyway, we bloggers were horrified about this dinner and chided the media whores. So now the whores are surly. They wonder if maybe they should hide their roots that connect all these trees in the DC/NY axis that are feeding each other information and turning their leaves simultaneously, spitting out the identical talking points in unison.
But unquestionably Mr. Bush is in trouble, and if he is to recover, he needs to acknowledge the root causes of his misfortunes. There may be less to learn from the indictment of Mr. Libby, whose alleged perjury appears to be the result of his own miscalculations, than from some other recent stumbles. Ms. Miers's failed Supreme Court candidacy, for one, is emblematic of a broader and persistent Bush failing: a lack of intellectual seriousness, which goes hand in hand with his excessive trust in loyalists.
Listen, dummy, Bush is screwing up because when you decided to back a fellow ruling class tool, you and your buddies decided to back the Skull and Bones Idiot. We know you thought he would be a shoo-in due to name recognition but he wasn't which is why you and your ilk conspired to destroy Al Gore, destroy democracy and rip up the Constitution. Now you want your idiot to be a smart tool. Tough titties. He ain't going to grow a brain now.

As for the Libby inditement: he is laughing today for he was promised a pardon. So he doesn't care if he breaks the law. The owner of the WP doesn't care about laws, he cares about powers and he wants Bush to pick better enforcers to keep power away from voters. Further, what is this garbage of Libby "miscalulating"? Deliberately running over someone you want to assassinate isn't a "miscalculation"---(Except if you are Laura Bush!)--it is a crime. Further, why would Libby want to "out" Valerie Plame? He had no way of finding out who she was except if the VP told him and the investigation showed that the VP did tell Libby. Did Libby say, "Do you have any dirt on the ambassador's wife so I can call the WP and smear her?" Why would he ask the VP that question? If he did, why didn't the VP tell him to go to hell, it is a crime? After all, the VP was the man who voted for the law that Libby violated!

Of course, the WP's owner doesn't want to examine this issue because his aspen roots attach him directly to Cheney and Libby and watching Libby being chopped down irritates his roots and so he has to try to prop up this particular tree or the whole forest might face the axe. Of couse, it should. A legion of beavers chewing away at the trunks of this massive conspiracy! Gnaw, gnaw.
He invaded Iraq in the hope of spreading democracy through the region, among other reasons, but his officials failed to plan for reconstruction. In confronting al Qaeda, Mr. Bush rightly grasped that this was a new kind of war that demanded new ways of fighting. But he pursued that broad conviction with a counterproductive indifference to substance, taking positions on civil liberties that harmed U.S. standing and that the Supreme Court later ruled untenable.
Our "new ways of fighting" seems to me to be stubbornly old. Propaganda, threats, bribes and blatant killing of peasants, straight out of the Cold War/Vietnam playbook. Not one new thing here at all. As terrorists romp all over the planets, doing whatever they wish, as the plans to attack America roll forwards silently, we all imagine the temporary silence here is due to our measures working. It is not.

The fact that the war criminal who owns the WP is pretending our imperial wars are us spreading democracy is quite revealing. Note that this imperialist was perfectly happy with the Supreme Court ripping up the Constitution and disallowing Al Gore the Presidency he so obviously won, democracy is something these clowns hate with a passion. This is why they don't stop the lobbyists, why this owner won't talk about why the medicine bill costs a fortune, this would be revealing the tree roots connecting everyone! Bush's leadership had to twist many arms very hard to pass that bill for the pharmacy lobby! Everyone knew it was a disaster. But thanks to DeLay and Bush's very hard work, they managed to corrupt enough Republicans to pass this bill. It wasn't due to inattention or poorly chosen aides working for Bush, it was a jewel in his crown: delivering goodies to his buddies who give him campaign money and other goodies in return! Duh!

It is obvious the owner of the Post is getting irritated with Bush because he himself is now in danger. He would prefer to rule in the shadows and conspire with whoever is allowed into the White House, quietly and without eavesdroppers like with Nixon's taping of the usual criminal activities run out of that building.

The entire media, roots atremble, is in a full chorus today, screaming that the Libby case is an isolated thing, his roots are not connected with anyone, he misspoke, he was a rogue root doing his own thing, not at the center of this little forest of identical trees, oh no.

The beaver prosecutor told us, this isn't the end. He is after "Offical A" who is Karl Rove. Karl Rove's roots wind right up Bush's little shrubbery, doesn't it?

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