Sunday, November 20, 2005

Downey, WP Editor, Attacks War Critics

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The disgusting, lying editor-in-chief of the Washington Post attacks war critics and whines about how fine the war is going even as he and his ilk cowardly refuse to fight...Ever.

From the Washington Pest:
What's needed is more talk about Iraq in 2005. Though there have been successes -- including the staging of an election and a constitutional referendum -- the country is in danger of splitting into pieces, and the Bush administration has not done enough to head that threat off. New elections in December could propel the country toward a political accord that would undermine the insurgency. But reconstruction has foundered and needs to be relaunched, with emphasis on supplying electricity and jobs. Iraqi troops are improving but still are far from ready to fight the counterinsurgency war on their own. If there is to be any chance of that war being won, the United States will have to commit its own forces to the fight for years, though perhaps not at current levels. The alternative is to risk a defeat that would be devastating to U.S. security. That's a hard truth to face: It can't be done amid a partisan free-for-all.
We can't even rebuild New Orleans without tons and tons of graf and misallocation of funds and this week, talk of tossing the refugees out into the streets!

Downey, a notorious coward, makes no mention about finances. This is not unusual. Virtually none of the blowhard editors who advocated war in the first place, joined in lying and deceiving readers during and after the beginning of this war, these clowns yap about bringing order and democracy to Iraq and never talk about how our military/industrial complex is feeding off of this war, growing fat and bloody! They don't ever mention the fiscal black hole that has opened up at our feet! They never mention Bin Laden's many statements about how his plan it to bankrupt us just as the Jihadists bankrupted the Soviet State in Afghanistan!

By the way, here is a typical story from that warfront from the same paper! From the Washington Post:
In September 2002, nearly a year after an American-led coalition deposed the Taliban, the United States launched what would become an aggressive effort to build or refurbish as many as 1,000 schools and clinics by the end of 2004, documents show. However, design flaws and construction errors caused the initiative to fall far short.

By September 2004, congressional figures show that the effort's centerpiece -- a $73 million U.S. Agency for International Development program -- had produced only 100 finished projects, most of them refurbishments of existing buildings. As of the beginning of this month, only about 40 more had been finished and turned over to the Afghan government.

Internal documents and more than 100 interviews in Washington and Kabul revealed a chain of mistakes and misjudgments: The U.S. effort was poorly conceived in a rush to show results before the Afghan presidential election in late 2004. The drive to construct earthquake-resistant, American-quality buildings in rustic villages led to culture clashes, delays and what a USAID official called "extraordinary costs." Afghans complained that the initial design for roofs made them too heavy to build in rural areas without a crane, and the corrected design made them too light to bear Afghan snows. Local workmen unfamiliar with U.S. construction methods sometimes produced shoddy work.
Think this isn't happening today in America? Of course, it is! This is the modus operandi of the famed American military/industrial complex as built during the Vietnam war. Unlike the WWII efforts, the sole reason we do anything is so top executives can get huge pay checks. Period.

There is no other reason. Oh, and propaganda. Potemkin projects galore.

Their sole function is to ape WWII real projects that were done with ernest, real reasons. Of course, Democrats ran THAT show. They passed laws preventing the wholesale looting of the Treasury by military companies. No war windfall profits! Everyone worked together to a real end, not a nebulous end.

The rip-off artists running America today have only one goal: to enrich themselves by hook or crook and deposit the money in bank accounts outside of America. And then move outside, themselves, to live like pashas.

To do this, today, they are cutting Medicare, Medicade, reducing the inflation boosts to fixed incomes by manipulating inflation numbers, cutting school aid, children's care programs, school building in America, housing programs for the poor, hurricane aid that goes directly to families and not them, etc. Meanwhile, the flow of red ink goes utterly unabated, nay, it has increased in volume. One huge tap is the Iraq/Afghani war that we lost utterly and hopelessly. If we withdraw, oil will go up in price but it already has so what the hell?

It doesn't matter anymore, does it? Do we buy oil from there?

NO! Japan does! Japan is not paying for this damn war, they are loaning us money, setting us up to be Weimar Germany, forced to pay off huge war reparations. In this case, the pay-off will put us in hock to an industrial power who doesn't mean well for us since they openly lust for using us as a military tool.

The Chinese this week played a magnificient diplomatic game. Understanding how power grows out of the barrel of a gun yet talk softly and carry a big club, they made Bush salute their troops over and over again as they paraded communist icons past him just like Putin did, communicating to their own people, like Putin did, that the triumph of the communist states will be total in the end, Bush stood there, cap in hand, cup in other hand, begging and they graciously handed over something that was already in the bag, a jet contract for military/industrialist entity, Boeing! Boo! What a victory.


So the Chinese are keeping Boeing alive, economically. As well as buying our bonds that are pretty much worthless since our ability to repay will be very restricted if they need to call in our debts by selling back the bonds (an impossibility now). So here we are: going steeply into debt in a stupid war that has no goals except to make traitors very rich at our expense, many soldiers dying or being severely disabled, and for what?

So the Iraqis can vote? Gads. Tell me another fairy tale.

And Downey can go there and do foot patrols if he is so hot to trot. Put his lousy, nasty life where it counts. Stop bloviating at the Washington Pest.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Like Roberston, O'Reilly of FOX TV Wants to Kill Americans

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Right on the heels of satanic ritualist, Pat Robertson, far right wing fascist O'Reilly hopes al Qaeda attacks San Francisco. Again and again, these clowns show who they really hate: good Americans. Homeland Security should arrest them for inciting terrorism.

From SF Gate:
Not everybody took Fox News host Bill O'Reilly's on-air comments this week about terrorists bombing Coit Tower as the hyperbole that fills the talk-radio ether. One of the ticked off was San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly, who Friday called for O'Reilly to be fired.

"For an anchor on a major station, Fox News, to be saying those kinds of things, it's just not OK," Daly said Friday. "It was just over the top."

Agreeing with Daly was San Francisco firefighters union president John Hanley, and not just because the hose-shaped tower is a tribute to firefighters.
O'Reilly gets to be on TV, on the radio, in print, he is literally everywhere. He gets top dollar and top billing. Some clowns are paying him a lot of money to trash talk Americans. Why they do this?

Well, Murdoch wasn't even an American, he is now, but he keeps his other passports because he isn't really an American, this "divided loyalty" garbage means everyone connected with keeping America safe, well, don't want to. These bangers of the patriotism bucket are often cynics pretending to be one of us while keeping the back door open for departure to where ever they hail from.

O'Reilly doesn't hold two passports but then, he is just their barking dog, doing his master's bidding. And his master, Murdoch, obviously is very pleased that his pet hates America and attacks Americans. This is a top thing with these ueber-menschen: to divide their host nations, to seperate and destroy the American unity. Since the majority of Americans are agaisnt the war in Iraq and it is obvious most of us have zero desire to die in Iraq or to go bankrupt in Iraq, the people who really hate America like O'Reilly and Murdoch have to stir the pot of poison, attacking us for being correct and sane.

Why doesn't the FCC shut these clowns down and force Murdoch to sell off his properties? After all, would we invite Tokyo Rose to host radio shows after WWII? Would we hire Goebbels to run our news media after WWII? Heck, knowing the Bushes, Prescott probably would have!

Time to fine Murdoch, fine O'Reilly, arrest them for urging terrorist attacks! After all, you are either with the good guys or you want terrorists to attack American, right?


More news:From Think Progress:

O’Reilly not only stood by his comments, but claimed they “needed to be said”:

I mean, look, everybody knows what’s going on there. What I said isn’t controversial. What I said needed to be said. I’m sitting here and I’m looking at a city that has absolutely no clue about what the world is. None. You know, if you had been hit on 9/11 instead of New York, believe me, you would not have voted against military recruting. Yet the left-wing, selfish, Land of Oz philosophy that the media and the city politicians have embraced out there is an absolute intellectual disgrace.
This man has no shame. Like the Cheney chick peddling women's rights, he pretends to be a patriot...well, why aren't reams of right wingloon youths signing up to fight in Iraq? Why should sane people in SF sign up? Eh? What? Why have recruiters, even, if patriotism is all about fighting? Where is the right wing?

NYers aren't all hyped up to fight in Iraq. They know this is a diversion. We all know this. Time to arrest terrorists like O'Reilly.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Washington Post Asks Bush to be Sane About Global Warming


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Washington Post thinks Bush can read and will listen to them tell him to do something about global warming. But he is happy with it because it increases banana production. This is why he wanted a single market at the Americas summit meeting. Chavez wrecked that scheme!

From the Washington Post editors:
ACCORDING TO the British press, the Prince of Wales issued a "gentle rebuke" to President Bush last week. Speaking at a formal White House dinner, Prince Charles said that "many people throughout the world look to the U.S. for a lead on the most crucial issues that face our planet." That, apparently, was a coded challenge to the president to do more about climate change and the greenhouse gas emissions that cause it.
Nothing less than a swift kick to the head will get any point across the chimperer-in-chief. Not a soul on this planet looks towards Bush for leadership. This is why, when he dares to visit any country, huge numbers of people turn out to scream at him to go away! Just this week, they were waving signs saying, "We don't want you on this planet!" at him!
Speaking at the first day of a summit of energy and environment ministers, Mr. Blair noticeably hinted at the idea that Europeans should begin moving away from reliance on the Kyoto treaty to meet the goal of curbing greenhouse emissions.
Since the USA, the world's biggest polluter, won't sign the treaty or change, nay, we are making things much worse each year, deliberately, Blair is "hinting" that everyone else drop the treaty?

And this says what? To my ears, it sounds like giving the fuck up! Forget about global warming! Hey, it is rapidly reducing America to rubble! Hoorah!
Instead of an "external force" that would impose an "internal target," Mr. Blair said that "in the world after 2012 we need to find a better, more sensitive set of mechanisms to deal with this problem."
Blair won't say what this mechanism is. Perhaps, this is the goal of the ridiculous Mars mission: to remove Bush and his buddies to another planet!
In the five years since Mr. Bush was first elected, climate-change science has been moving rapidly toward firmer conclusions. More scientists have observed the impact of global warming on plant and animal life, on the Arctic ice pack, and on weather patterns. More studies have concluded that human activity is a cause. The president has a chance to break the vicious cycle of European whining and American stonewalling on climate change. He should take it.
Yeah, Europeans suffering from global warming should what, shut up? So should we? The Washington Post's editor who is a drinking buddy of Bush and I wouldn't be surprized if the drinks aren't hard liquour, sneers at the people we are victimizing. How tiresome of them to rudely talk about American pollution of the entire planet?

Naw. We will change...When it is way too late. But then, the sight of zillions of Americans fleeing destruction in a snarl of creeping SUVs has amused millions across the planet.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Owners and Advertisers in the Media Protect Bush Every Time He Falls Down


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Now that Scooter was thrown off the sleigh to be devoured by wolves, the media owners and advertisers and the rich in general all have banded together to save Bush yet again. They want us to go away and ask no pesky questions. Party on, dudes!

From Editor and Publisher:
In its editorial analyzing the indictments of "Scooter" Libby returned yesterday by a federal grand jury, the Times reiterated its backing for Miller's original decision in refusing to testify, and said it had "no reservations" about backing her in jail, while noting that perhaps her struggle could have been handled somewhat differently:

"Journalists from some news organizations testified after trying to fight the subpoenas; others testified on the basis of a document White House officials were compelled to sign that said they waived any promises of confidentiality from reporters. Ms. Miller says she believed the waiver was coerced, and she went to jail until Mr. Libby assured her directly that he was freeing her from her promise.

"While she was imprisoned for 85 days, this newspaper and this page gave Ms. Miller unwavering support. Recently, Times executives have expressed regrets about some of the ways her case was handled. Reflecting on these events, we have no reservations about the obligation of this paper to stand behind our reporter while she was in jail. We also think Ms. Miller was right on the central point, that the original blanket White House waiver was coerced."
Coerced by the cops! Wow. Don't let the cops make criminals squeal! That is a no-no. This country screams about law and order and the need to kill to impose a New World Order but if the authors of all this control get caught breaking any laws, suddenly it is time for gentleness and forgiveness and simple stonewalling.

Of course, the dropping of the "sources say" identity cover was coerced. Since the people conspiring to attack a war critic were breaking some serious laws, they had to conspire further to prevent the deeds from seeing the light of day because it unravels a very dangerous alliance: the press, which is supposed to be feeding information to us is actually colluding with criminals to hide information we need while using secret information to defame.

When Hoover of the FBI went slithering to President Kennedy to ask him if he could use some Martin Luther King blackmail they unearthed while illegally listening in to King's private life by wiring up his hotel rooms so they could watch him all the time, Kennedy said no. It was morally wrong. Then Hoover, I assume, warned the President that he has more dirt of similar import. Kennedy ended up dead as we all know.

Look at Clinton! The media and the people in charge of the machinery in DC went after him relentlessly. Instead of dealing with bin Laden's developing conspiracy which, according to Able Danger, the FBI and CIA knew about, instead, an army of agents went about trolling for Clinton's sex life.

Once it was discovered that he had one, the media joined the witchhunt, howling like banshees. The reason they did all this is very simple: he raised taxes on the rich and he stopped many entities from forming interlocking monopolies and cartels and he crushed oil profits when they tried to milk the system for more loot.

Well, the oil companies are very fat and well fed. They have reaped vast profits and now will settle in and let prices drop to keep Bush's ratings at about 40%, out of the danger zone. Bush doesn't care, he isn't running for office. The GOP knows they only have to come within 5points of winning and tweaking that 5 extra points by screwing around with the voting tallies is easy.

But they are nervous. So the media has ramped up a campaign to do two contridictory things: keep the right wing in power while keeping the right wing troops from gaining anything they really want like the abortion stuff. The restrictions on abortions will be carefully crafted so that they apply only to the poor and middle class. The rich will have their beloved "health of the mother" loophole which they always used, I know this for a fact. Never have they had to go to any back alleys for abortions.
Fellow columnist John Tierney, however, suggested that the administration leaks about Plame were not deliberate, nothing but an "accident."

He said journalists will suffer: "Still, the biggest losers so far in this case -- aside, of course, from Scooter Libby - are journalists. We've spent our careers assuring sources that we'll protect them, but now they can see how our testimony led to one source's indictment. If there's a trial, reporters will have to publicly betray Libby's confidences - and probably endure assaults on their integrity and accuracy from Libby's lawyers."
Of course, these creeps need to confuse honest Americans by pretending that men and women in power are the same as whistleblowers who take their careers and lives into jeopardy to uncover the illegal or dangerous actions of the rich and powerful. Mixing up these utterly opposite identities is at the core of the "we must protect our sources" debate.

The fact that the NYT's owner and the owners of all the vast media circus that is wheezing and bellowing this lie about sources needing to be protected (well, actually, the rich always protect each other's tools!) is a sign of exactly how sick our empire has become. These liars and conspiritors need to confuse people just long enough to finish the looting of the world. When everything collapses, and it has a 100% chance of doing that when America goes bankrupt, these clowns dream of hop scotching off to other lands or worse, imposing a full fascist dictatorship or something like China has, and living in armed compounds while we die outside the gates.

Manhattan is an island, after all. Easy to protect. Remember, Manhattan sided with the King many years ago, to Washington's despair.

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