Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Owners and Advertisers in the Media Protect Bush Every Time He Falls Down


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Now that Scooter was thrown off the sleigh to be devoured by wolves, the media owners and advertisers and the rich in general all have banded together to save Bush yet again. They want us to go away and ask no pesky questions. Party on, dudes!

From Editor and Publisher:
In its editorial analyzing the indictments of "Scooter" Libby returned yesterday by a federal grand jury, the Times reiterated its backing for Miller's original decision in refusing to testify, and said it had "no reservations" about backing her in jail, while noting that perhaps her struggle could have been handled somewhat differently:

"Journalists from some news organizations testified after trying to fight the subpoenas; others testified on the basis of a document White House officials were compelled to sign that said they waived any promises of confidentiality from reporters. Ms. Miller says she believed the waiver was coerced, and she went to jail until Mr. Libby assured her directly that he was freeing her from her promise.

"While she was imprisoned for 85 days, this newspaper and this page gave Ms. Miller unwavering support. Recently, Times executives have expressed regrets about some of the ways her case was handled. Reflecting on these events, we have no reservations about the obligation of this paper to stand behind our reporter while she was in jail. We also think Ms. Miller was right on the central point, that the original blanket White House waiver was coerced."
Coerced by the cops! Wow. Don't let the cops make criminals squeal! That is a no-no. This country screams about law and order and the need to kill to impose a New World Order but if the authors of all this control get caught breaking any laws, suddenly it is time for gentleness and forgiveness and simple stonewalling.

Of course, the dropping of the "sources say" identity cover was coerced. Since the people conspiring to attack a war critic were breaking some serious laws, they had to conspire further to prevent the deeds from seeing the light of day because it unravels a very dangerous alliance: the press, which is supposed to be feeding information to us is actually colluding with criminals to hide information we need while using secret information to defame.

When Hoover of the FBI went slithering to President Kennedy to ask him if he could use some Martin Luther King blackmail they unearthed while illegally listening in to King's private life by wiring up his hotel rooms so they could watch him all the time, Kennedy said no. It was morally wrong. Then Hoover, I assume, warned the President that he has more dirt of similar import. Kennedy ended up dead as we all know.

Look at Clinton! The media and the people in charge of the machinery in DC went after him relentlessly. Instead of dealing with bin Laden's developing conspiracy which, according to Able Danger, the FBI and CIA knew about, instead, an army of agents went about trolling for Clinton's sex life.

Once it was discovered that he had one, the media joined the witchhunt, howling like banshees. The reason they did all this is very simple: he raised taxes on the rich and he stopped many entities from forming interlocking monopolies and cartels and he crushed oil profits when they tried to milk the system for more loot.

Well, the oil companies are very fat and well fed. They have reaped vast profits and now will settle in and let prices drop to keep Bush's ratings at about 40%, out of the danger zone. Bush doesn't care, he isn't running for office. The GOP knows they only have to come within 5points of winning and tweaking that 5 extra points by screwing around with the voting tallies is easy.

But they are nervous. So the media has ramped up a campaign to do two contridictory things: keep the right wing in power while keeping the right wing troops from gaining anything they really want like the abortion stuff. The restrictions on abortions will be carefully crafted so that they apply only to the poor and middle class. The rich will have their beloved "health of the mother" loophole which they always used, I know this for a fact. Never have they had to go to any back alleys for abortions.
Fellow columnist John Tierney, however, suggested that the administration leaks about Plame were not deliberate, nothing but an "accident."

He said journalists will suffer: "Still, the biggest losers so far in this case -- aside, of course, from Scooter Libby - are journalists. We've spent our careers assuring sources that we'll protect them, but now they can see how our testimony led to one source's indictment. If there's a trial, reporters will have to publicly betray Libby's confidences - and probably endure assaults on their integrity and accuracy from Libby's lawyers."
Of course, these creeps need to confuse honest Americans by pretending that men and women in power are the same as whistleblowers who take their careers and lives into jeopardy to uncover the illegal or dangerous actions of the rich and powerful. Mixing up these utterly opposite identities is at the core of the "we must protect our sources" debate.

The fact that the NYT's owner and the owners of all the vast media circus that is wheezing and bellowing this lie about sources needing to be protected (well, actually, the rich always protect each other's tools!) is a sign of exactly how sick our empire has become. These liars and conspiritors need to confuse people just long enough to finish the looting of the world. When everything collapses, and it has a 100% chance of doing that when America goes bankrupt, these clowns dream of hop scotching off to other lands or worse, imposing a full fascist dictatorship or something like China has, and living in armed compounds while we die outside the gates.

Manhattan is an island, after all. Easy to protect. Remember, Manhattan sided with the King many years ago, to Washington's despair.

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