Monday, November 07, 2005

Washington Post Asks Bush to be Sane About Global Warming


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Washington Post thinks Bush can read and will listen to them tell him to do something about global warming. But he is happy with it because it increases banana production. This is why he wanted a single market at the Americas summit meeting. Chavez wrecked that scheme!

From the Washington Post editors:
ACCORDING TO the British press, the Prince of Wales issued a "gentle rebuke" to President Bush last week. Speaking at a formal White House dinner, Prince Charles said that "many people throughout the world look to the U.S. for a lead on the most crucial issues that face our planet." That, apparently, was a coded challenge to the president to do more about climate change and the greenhouse gas emissions that cause it.
Nothing less than a swift kick to the head will get any point across the chimperer-in-chief. Not a soul on this planet looks towards Bush for leadership. This is why, when he dares to visit any country, huge numbers of people turn out to scream at him to go away! Just this week, they were waving signs saying, "We don't want you on this planet!" at him!
Speaking at the first day of a summit of energy and environment ministers, Mr. Blair noticeably hinted at the idea that Europeans should begin moving away from reliance on the Kyoto treaty to meet the goal of curbing greenhouse emissions.
Since the USA, the world's biggest polluter, won't sign the treaty or change, nay, we are making things much worse each year, deliberately, Blair is "hinting" that everyone else drop the treaty?

And this says what? To my ears, it sounds like giving the fuck up! Forget about global warming! Hey, it is rapidly reducing America to rubble! Hoorah!
Instead of an "external force" that would impose an "internal target," Mr. Blair said that "in the world after 2012 we need to find a better, more sensitive set of mechanisms to deal with this problem."
Blair won't say what this mechanism is. Perhaps, this is the goal of the ridiculous Mars mission: to remove Bush and his buddies to another planet!
In the five years since Mr. Bush was first elected, climate-change science has been moving rapidly toward firmer conclusions. More scientists have observed the impact of global warming on plant and animal life, on the Arctic ice pack, and on weather patterns. More studies have concluded that human activity is a cause. The president has a chance to break the vicious cycle of European whining and American stonewalling on climate change. He should take it.
Yeah, Europeans suffering from global warming should what, shut up? So should we? The Washington Post's editor who is a drinking buddy of Bush and I wouldn't be surprized if the drinks aren't hard liquour, sneers at the people we are victimizing. How tiresome of them to rudely talk about American pollution of the entire planet?

Naw. We will change...When it is way too late. But then, the sight of zillions of Americans fleeing destruction in a snarl of creeping SUVs has amused millions across the planet.

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