Friday, December 16, 2005

Fox TV's Christmas Party Celebrates Sinking of Titanic

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Breaking news: Novak fired by CNN.
As we all know, Fox TV has cynically decided to wage war against civilization by screaming about how we are taking Jesus out of Xmas yet they are the first to do so. This year's Xmas party for the staff has decided to use the sinking of the Titanic as their theme. Seems about right to me. Glub, glub, Murdoch.

From Campus Progress:
ThinkProgress and The Majority Report have been covering News Corp (the parent company of Fox News) and how they invited everyone to a "holiday party."

Well it turns out that Fox is apparently a full-on combatant in the war on Christmas, since it wasn't their only one. At the end of this post is a scan of an invitation to another NewsCorp "Holiday Party," this one with a Titanic theme, which, in itself, is really, really weird.

So maybe it's time for Bill O'Reilly to start explaining why he's not objecting to his bosses having multiple parties refusing to acknowledge Christmas. (How can his heart possibly go on?)
Do click on this URL. The invitation is amazing. To think that adults will celebrate the baby Jesus by making fun of the icy, horrible deaths of over a thousand passengers on the Titanic boggles the mind. This comes on the heels of a deliberate program of fanning the flames of religious bigotry at Fox TV. On all shows featuring loudmouthed pundits, they have been pounding away at this idiotic theme and now they will get drunk and laugh themselves silly celebrating the sinking of a passenger ship!

This rampant, cynical hypocricy is the avian flu of the media. Just like them all pretending they were outraged by Clinton getting a blowjob, O'Reilly, for example, had to pay an outraged former employee millions to shut her up when she charged him with sexual harrassment. But was he fired? Did all the media attack him for being a blackguard and hypocrite? Did he apologize to Clinton?

Of course not! He roars and bellows and waves baby Jesus in the air as he tosses the Holy Child into the watery deep.

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