Thursday, January 26, 2006

Davos World Economic Forums Freak Out Over Pro-Palestinian Magazine Article

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

This is funny in a pathetic way. Many top American magazines, TV and movie empires as well as newspapers and radios are owned or run by people who happen to be Jewish. They have successfully locked out nearly any mention of Palestine except on Zionist terms. But the official magazine at Davos allowed a call for boycotting Israel to slip into public view.

The chairman and executive director of the Davos World Economic Forum on Thursday offered a sweeping apology to all delegates for an article calling for the boycott of Israel that appeared in a prestigious magazine issued by the forum.

Professor Klaus Schwab, who founded the annual Davos conclave 35 years ago, said he was "shocked" to read, just today, the article that appeared in the magazine "Global Agenda."

Some American Jewish leaders attending the conference said they were not satisfied with the apology.

"As a publisher," said Mortimer Zuckerman of U.S. News and World Report, "I have to take full responsibility for everything that appears in my publications, whether I read them or not."
You can bet, Zuckerman carefully checks his own many publications to insure they are 100% pro-Israel. This is why stories like this one never made the news here and isn't talked about here: From Aljazeera courtesy of Lawrence of Cyberia:

When I first got to Hebron I wouldn't open fire on little children. And I was sure that if I ever killed or hurt anyone, I'd go so crazy that I'd leave the army. But finally I did shoot someone, and nothing happened to me. In Hebron I shot the legs off of two kids, and I was sure I wouldn't be able to sleep anymore at night, but nothing happened. Two weeks ago I hurt a Palestinian policeman, and that didn't affect me either. You become so apathetic you don't care at all. Shooting is the IDF soldier's way of meditating. It's like shooting is your way of letting go of all your anger when you're in the army. In Hebron there's this order they call "punitive shooting": just open fire on whatever you like. I opened fire not on any sources of fire but on windows where there was just wash hanging to dry. I knew that there were people who would be hit. But at that moment it was just shoot, shoot, shoot.
Heck, the Corrie story, the peace activist who was deliberately run over by an Israeli driving a huge earthmover, didn't get any sane coverage. The NYT openly lied about the circumstances and I saw a film of the event when it was obvious, the man saw her and deliberately drove over her, not once, but repeatedly.

The NYT could have and probably did see the same film footage which is why they didn't mention it when they made up a story about this incident, lying nearly nonstop.

Indeed, the lying is so seamless here in America, it is a shock to go online to other countries' publications and see not only stories but movies showing very clearly, the horror of occupation Israel.

For example, the little girl in this photo was shot dead by an IDF soldier in a watch tower. Evidently, he was playing "Nazi concentration camp guard" and was pinging civilians for fun. I'm sure the Germans enjoyed this sport, too. Of course, we are supposed to pretend Naziism is a German mental disease.

It is not. Anyone can turn themselves into a Nazi. All you have to do, is become self centered and desire the death of anyone who has things you want. A grotesque form of "me-ism." Criminals think this way. It isn't pretty.
In his letter of apology, which Schwab said he would circulate to all delegates at Davos, he wrote: "With great concern and pain I just learned that 'Global Agenda,' a publication distributed to our members at the Annual Meeting 2006, contains an article calling for the boycott of Israel. This article is totally in contradiction to my own, and the Forum's, mission and values. For 36 years I have been committed to fighting for better mutual understanding in the world. The Forum has been deeply involved in efforts to create better relations and reconciliation in the Middle East...
It is interesting watching all these wealthy Jewish binationals weeping about how they are making the Middle East "better". The "mutual understanding" part is particularily hilarious.

Instead of telling the raw truth: "Yes, we are tribalists who believe that we and we alone get to occupy, use and dispense with whatever parts of the earth we want, but who cares? This is a dog eat dog world," they go for the hypocritic oath, "Pretend you are nice while being very nasty."

America has a very sick public information system that apes the Chinese one, you know, China, which has strangled Google and squashed Yahoo and arrests anyone who writes stuff that displeases the rulers, here in America we have "freedom of speech" but accessing the mass media is a whole different kettle of fish. Namely, the gate keepers are locking out many people, blocking any view but their own, they are warping our dialogue, driving us into directions which will end us in the middle of WWWIII, they have agendas which are not allowed to be discussed except on lonely forums like mine.

These controls have to now be planetary thanks to the internet. I expect them to scheme to shut down the parts of the internet that carries messages they hate. So far, we have some tiny free speech left but I expect this to now be under fire, nonstop, from the ruling elites.

China is showing them how to do this. They will buy out or vy for control or pass laws making life impossible for anyone who wishes to talk about things they don't want us to talk about. They want uninterrupted propaganda with us drinking it like Kool Aid and then marching off to die in whatever wars they stir up.

This is what Davos is all about and why they are surrounded by the military which keeps the populace at bay. These people aren't loved by all that many of us and I see them becoming increasingly unpopular as the American financial tower of Babel collapses.
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