Monday, January 16, 2006

Imperialist Editors of the NYT Fake Headlines Concerning Chile Show Ruling Class Insecurity

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Like a Freudian slippage of San Andreas earthquake in size, the New York Times editor's fake headlines today reveal the fears and insecurities the ruling elite feel whenever any socialist wins any election anywhere.

From the NYT:
What Is Missing in This Woman's Victory? Coattails
This is the headlines. So I looked in vain for any mentions of "coattails" or no one voting for her party or anything that could be remotely constrewed as lack of support except for this:
The tally this time suggested that class may have trumped gender. In some northern copper-mining regions, where union sentiment is strong and suspicion of Mr. PiƱera's wealth and support for untrammeled free-market policies also runs high, Ms. Bachelet won more than 60 percent of the vote. In more prosperous areas, her support was generally weaker among both men and women.
That is it! So, the fact that voters there, unlike here, voted for their own collective interests as workers meant Ms. Bachelet's victory was "coattailless". Hahahaha.

And this, in a nutshell, is what is wrong with Kansas. The ruling elite, whenever voters anywhere on planet earth, no matter how remote from us geographically, vote for class interestes, the fury and fear and rage here at the citadels of power are unimaginable!

The new President of Chile now has to watch out since the CIA and the USA powers will work frantically to undermine her and replace her with a general or a billionaire. We have handed over America to million and billionaires and what did they start doing?

Cutting their own taxes and handing our heads on a platter to two hostile Asian countries! Great! Unlike South America's leftists who are banding together rapidly to do something for thier working classes and those ever pesky peasants we hate with such an enduring passion!

President Bachelet's father was murdered by CIA operatives, tortured literally to death in a School of the Americas run prison. She, herself, as a daughter, was also tortured just like we tortured the children of suspected "terrorists" in Iraq and Afghanistan, to force daddy to tell them where various socialists were hiding.

I had a socialist friend down there during the coup, he was working at the University and he ran from the masked government gunmen who shot at him, he waved his passport at the locked gates of the American embassy and they kept him locked outside! Being athletic, he climbed over the gate and demanded to call a lawyer. He couldn't get one but he got me. I had enough influence to force the State Department to keep him inside otherwise he would be dead, wouldn't he?

It was a horrible time. I was furious with Nixon and Kissinger, two war criminals. Here we sit today, demanding all other countries disarm so we can invade or overthrow them and use them like tissue paper to blow our noses. The profound unpopularity of Americans down in South America means we lost the hearts and minds battle thanks to our need to support only the upper classes down there.

By the way, the one thing the new President intends to do is fix the stupid "retirement" system that allows only the upper middle class a real retirement. This alone, has caused tremendous fury in the ruling elite in the USA because that stupid, idiotic, cruel system is being touted as a model for us to follow.

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