Monday, February 20, 2006

New York Times Loves Brutal Police State Tactics

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As the official mouthpiece for the ruling elite, it comes as no surprize that the New York Times blacks out the story of Riverbend, in Bagdad, suffering from the horrors of a masked paratrooper invasion of her home, terrorizing herself and her younger sisters. Instead, they publish an article praising these same thugs, approving of their violent suppression of Iraqis, innocent or guilty. Welcome to our future police state they plan to run here, too.

From the New York Times:

It was the kind of smash-and-grab mission that not many months ago was conducted solely by American forces in Iraq. But this time, only one-third of the troops were American, there to observe and advise. Kicking down the door and seizing the suspect were members of the new Iraqi Counterterrorism Force.

The Bush administration has anchored its plans for troop withdrawals from Iraq on the promise of increasingly capable indigenous security units: the army, the police, border patrols and a facilities-protection service, currently totaling 227,000, although they are trained to vastly different levels of proficiency.

Now, as part of that program, American Special Operations forces commanders say they have shifted their own efforts from carrying out raids and attacks to training elite Iraqi teams to take over the most challenging missions.
The war on drugs has spawned an amazing police state here. In our collective eagerness to make Americans "healthy" and "strong" our culture has decided this requires passing laws concerning the use of medicines and foods the state wants to control. To do this, they have to invade homes quite violently. So we have developed, over time, sophistocated methods of turning our homes, which were formerly called "our castles" into prisons.

Of course, sex and drugs are favorite targets of these privacy invasions but there are many other reasons to invade homes. A zillion excuses.

Before we illegally invaded Iraq, we told the world that the Iraqi people had no freedom and Saddam terrorized and oppressed them by breaking into their homes and taking away people to be tortured and then we did exactly the same thing. And now we are "training" troops to do what we claim they did in the first place is the height of madness and if there is a god somewhere, he better have a hell ready for the people responsible for all this.

Nigeria, another oil/slave state we terrorize, is devolving into rebellion and revolution because American oil/slave states are hideous affairs that have no freedoms, no rights, no democracy and no social services. The sole function of the police state powers is to keep the populace terrorized so they don't interfer with our looting of all natural resources. Burp.

We have terrorized Central and South America for many years. This is where we perfect our police state tactics. Note how these same tactics end up being used on Americans.

For you can't run police states far away without them leaching back home to here. I have noted here in the past how Venezuela with a duly elected President who is very popular, who had to do a snap election at our instistance because we refused to believe he won the real election, he won that after we tried the old fashioned police state coup and failed and now we are in a verbal war with him and he is threatening to cut off our oil sales and sell it all to China. So we are preparing to attack him so we can impose the same sort of totally evil police state we are running in Iraq, on that country too.

The philosophy behind our elite troops is the same as the one that Hitler carved out for the SS. In the nineteenth century, governments barely were able to start organizations like the police and Scotland Yard and all that. As the states grew in power and technology, the police state extended deeper and deeper into what was once considered private territory. The mega-totalitarian police states of the twentieth century like the Soviet Union or China, for example, privacy totally disappeared. No one was allowed even the slightest sliver of privacy.

When I hosted some top Chinese officials on of the first lessons they had to learn was how to ring a door bell and ask for permission to enter. We had to practice this several times over. It was rather sad. They would ring my doorbell, I would answer and they would simply silently shove me out of the way and try to enter and I would say, "Step back! You can't come in!"

When my parents followed Nixon into China, being some of the very first Americans to stay there to do business, when my parents went into the bathroom to take a shower together and talk while the water was on, someone came into their room and tried to open the bathroom door so he could listen to them better since the microphones weren't working. Another time, my mother said something to my father, opened the bathroom door and the man listening to them fell into her chest, nearly knocking her down.

My father went off to see Cho Enlai and complained and the invasions of their bedroom ceased.

The whole furor over Bush and his minions illegally spying on Americans is exactly what this is all about. A police state giving us zero privacy. Think it can't get like China in the seventies?

Note how the media isn't screaming about spying on us! Note how there were never any big headlines, "Bush Lies About Spying On Americans--Innocent Peace Activists Targetted!" Nope. We bloggers yelled about this until hoarse but the ruling class tool papers and TV stations played along with the police statists. This is because they hate and fear fellow Americans and want to keep us in chains especially after the farce of the last six years comes crashing down. By colluding with Bush to cut taxes to the point that our government must end up in the dire arms of the IMF, they have set the stage for a really nasty police state here as they plan to squeeze us all literally to death. They are in a hurry, they have to kill off much of the baby boomers before the retire and demand their share of the Social Security pie which the rich already ate up.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Chinese People Slip Out of Propaganda Net Using The Internet

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

After screaming at us bloggers and internet rebels, the Washington Post turns around and crows about how the Chinese circumvent their own country's attempts at censorship. Geeze. Someday the WP will figure this out. What is good for the Chinese is good for Americans for the same reasons! And tell Rummy to not touch OUR internets, thank you!

From the WP:
The top editors of the China Youth Daily were meeting in a conference room last August when their cell phones started buzzing quietly with text messages. One after another, they discreetly read the notes. Then they traded nervous glances.

Colleagues were informing them that a senior editor in the room, Li Datong, had done something astonishing. Just before the meeting, Li had posted a blistering letter on the newspaper's computer system attacking the Communist Party's propaganda czars and a plan by the editor in chief to dock reporters' pay if their stories upset party officials.
HAHAHAHA. God. I am seriously going to die laughing. OK. Why were all the reporters working for top corporate owners who were seeking tax breaks, favors and money from Bush who spent over a billion taxpayer dollars on media purchases!---so scared of pursuing stories about Bush? Why did they openly lie or misreport situations or facts on the ground?

Guess what! The American media is a whore of the rulers! This is why no one can trust anything they write or broadcast. They have sneaky ways of lying like using interesting adjectives to describe people. We saw it just yesterday when they described the messed up, frowning, shot to hell and back victim of Cheney's shoot out as "hale and happy." One look at the photos showed the articles were pure lies.

When ordered to villify someone, they will use words like, "agitated" or "sour faced" or even, in Hillary's case, "angry faced." They use every variation of negative wording when describing people they are ordered to mock. This frustrates many people who think the Democrats hide from the newsmedia because they are scared. They aren't just scared, they know it is fruitless unless the media overlords tire of Bush and his tax cuts and change course. Then it will be safe to emerge out into the open.

The Washington Post and us bloggers had several drag down fights recently. One was over the fiction that Democrats got money from Abramoff, the K Street sleazebag man. We gave the Post the data which conclusively showed, Abramoff didn't give even one Lincoln penny to any Democrat in his entire life. The Post refused to retract their lies and instead, reworded their original lie over and over, trying to make it look truthful. We pounded them for this and so they cut off communication and wrote a series of attack articles pretending we said and did things that never happened.

When we demanded they show some proof of all this, they got very nasty and wrote more lies and fumed so hard they set off fire alarms in their office building!

Now, because the force of good created by the free movement of information is helping the Chinese outwit their rulers, the WP applauds this and pretends, which is yet another lie on their part, that this is a great thing and everyone should imitate the Chinese!

Well, I agree! And the Chinese are very busy, acting up! May we do this too! The blog is mightier than the sword!

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rumsfeld Thinks Spending Billions On Propaganda Will Fool Muslims Into Loving Us

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Rumsfeld believes the reason Muslims hate and fear us is due to propaganda and he thinks, all we have to do is spend a lot of money borrowed from China on propaganda aimed at Muslims and they will love us as we torture, rape, kill and steal everything,

From the BBC:
The US is losing the propaganda war against al-Qaeda and other enemies, defence chief Donald Rumsfeld has said.

It must modernise its methods to win the minds of Muslims in the "war on terror", as "enemies had skilfully adapted" to the media age, he said.
"Skillful adaptaion" the "enemy" uses most often is gossip. Word of mouth passed hand to hand. If Rummy is refering to Al Jazeera TV reporting the news then I must inform him that they are not an "enemy" and indeed, thinking of a fairly neutral TV news service that isn't filled to the gills with ridiculous propaganda as an "enemy" is exactly why we are losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the Muslim world.

When a little 12 year old child was shot dead in the illegally occupied Palestinian homelands, the headlines in America was "Palestinian MAN shot dead." OK, in simple matters like this, we can't resist lying. This sort of lying is standard operations in the USA and much of Europe. We can't look at our own crimes without whitewashing them via words, making little of our own malice by maliciously belittling or warping reality to suit us, not Muslims.

It used to be, they had no voice. No news media that the rest of the world could see. I happen to trust al Jazeera much more than most stuff I see here in America.
Correspondents say that in recent months victory in the battle for public opinion has become a new front for the Bush administration.

In a speech to the Council of Foreign Relations, Mr Rumsfeld said some of the US' most critical battles were now in the "newsrooms".

"Our enemies have skilfully adapted to fighting wars in today's media age, but... our country has not," he said.
So, our "enemies" (all Muslims not working for us) are "skillfully adapted." And what is this war criminal refering to? Bin Laden and others sending out video tapes? What is so high techie about that? Bloggers talking about the stupid propaganda churned out by the New York Times and Washington Post are skillfully using media? Huh? Or the very existence of the internet is skillful and clever?

Just this last week, the Pentagon ran war games directed at the media and the internet. They specifically tagged bloggers as a potential "enemy". Co-incidentally, most of this last week, from 9-5 EST, Blogger was up and down like a yo-yo with absolutely no explanation from Blogger as to what was wrong or why.

America's rulers who own vast media empires that stretch across the nation and over the entire planet, these rulers work with their tools in the White House and Pentagon to herd the rest of humanity along the road they chose for us and here they are, they and their stupid tools, whining about bin Laden's cave and his video camera.

Our media owners and military/industrial rulers deliberately targetted al Jazeera and quite a few other reporters, killing more than a few of them. So our counter-propaganda has been mostly threats, bluster and outright murder.

This program of bullying people until they surrender is failing spectacularily. It is even failing here at home as more and more people are getting disgusted with the war for oil disguised as a war on "terror". Clue to clowns: wars on terror aren't won by terrorizing everyone.

Indeed, if America wants to stop terror, worldwide, all they have to do is stop trying to control the entire planet. Our troops are patrolling everywhere and protecting only the ruling elite of America. Two helicopters crashed yesterday, lots of dead troops. This barely rates a low level headline in America. Seems we don't want to report any news anymore except for happy face lies churned out by our rulers.

Catapult the propaganda, as Bush said so memorably.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Killer Klowns: Once Again, The Texas Rangers And The Secret Service Hid Crimes

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Again and again, the Texas Rangers are caught covering up Bush/Cheney crimes. The entire state aparatus in Texas exists to cover up the crimes of the well connected. This is why the Texas National Guard assisted Bush in scrubbing his files of mention of his desertion, the Driver's License Bureau scrubbed his many arrests for drunk driving as well as Laura's killing of ex-boyfriend. The Secret Service tried to cover up the fact that the Bush twins illegally used fake ID in bars and actively assisted them in violating the laws, helping them bar hop! Arrest all these clowns.

From Editor and Publisher:
Asked by The New York Times why it did not make the news known, Cheney spokeswoman McBride said, "We deferred to the Armstrongs regarding what had taken place at their ranch."

Armstrong said later, according to The Associated Press, that everyone at the ranch was so "focused" on Whittington's health Saturday that it wasn't until Sunday she called the Caller-Times to report the accident.

In an odd disparity, Armstrong told the Houston Chronicle that Whittington, 78, was "bruised more than bloodied" in the incident and "his pride was hurt more than anything else." Yet he was airlifted to a hospital and has spent more than a day in an intensive care unit.

The Chronicle also reports Monday that hunting accidents are amazingly rare in Texas. In 2004, it said, the state's 1 million-plus hunters were involved in only 29 hunting-related accidents (19 involving firearms), four of which were fatal.
So, they were too "concerned" to call the cops. Yeah, right. And too busy to tell anyone. And the Secret Service which was forced to testify about Clinton's sex life have to keep mum about Cheney's murderous rampages. OK.

Why weren't all the Secret Service agents who escorted Babs and Jenna Bush on their totally illegal underage drinking expeditions arrested for helping minor girls get drunk which happens to be totally illegal? Why weren't those girls put in prison for using fake IDs? That is illegal, very illegal.

Again and again we see the Bush/Cheney clans using the police, state agents, federal officers to cover up or commit crimes with them. And this is all "in our faces" from a gang that screams "Law and Order" all the time.

This latest case is classic. The Secret Service try to cover up a crime for it is a crime to shoot other hunters. Going back over 200+ years, whenever anyone is shot, there is an investigation and an inquest. Then a report is issued and someone is either arrested or vindicated. But it is NOT ignored! The fact that the Texan authorities and the hospital covered this up makes them all complicit in a crime. For the most powerful man in America to get away with shooting someone is exactly how royalty acts.

My family remembers a king they hated so much, they decided to get rid of him. This is why we are here, when our revolt failed, back in the 1600's. The king of England was out hunting with his queen, using crossbows. She shot at a deer only she hit the man who was herding the deer towards her so she could pretend she was hunting. Since the king was going bankrupt, he and she and their nobles decided to hide the body instead of paying the family. So a scandal ensued as the beater's dogs found his body in a shallow grave.

This is what America is now. The royal hunters shoot people and then try to stick it all under some leaves. The lawyer he shot knows the law, too, and should be arrested for covering up a crime that should, by law, be investigated.

Arrest them all. We can kill several birds with one stone here. Heh. Save America.
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Monday, February 06, 2006

New Studies of Chimp Brains Show How TV Pundits Operate

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

90% of what TV pundits say is pure rubbish yet millions of Americans believe what they say simply because TV gives them status within the monkey troop. The same goes for top chimp, the number one monkey, Bush. Now scientist figured out how this works, from our cousins, the real chimpanzees.

Monkey "Pay-Per-View" Study Could Aid Understanding Of Autism

DURHAM, N.C. -- Researches have found that monkeys will "pay" juice rewards to see images of high-ranking monkeys or female hindquarters. They say their research technique offers a rigorous laboratory approach to studying the "social machinery" of the brain and how this machinery goes tragically awry in autism -- a disease that afflicts more than a million Americans and is the fastest growing developmental disorder.
Fix autism? How about understanding why see see nothing but wall to wall monkey bottoms on TV pretending to be pundits? Seriously, these lower ranking monkeys on TV all groom and fawn over seemingly higher ranking monkeys and both conspire to drive the lowest ranking monkeys to go out and die in monkey wars a la "2001".

Here is another, similar story. From Live Science:
The social conformity displayed in a new study is a trait previously seen only in humans.

Researchers at Emory University's Yerkes National Primate Research Center presented two groups of chimpanzees a food puzzle. The chimps were faced with a small barrier that blocked food from rolling down a pipe.

They could either lift the barrier, allowing the food to roll towards them, or poke at it until it pushed the food reward down a different chute. The task was designed to recreate the type of problem solving chimps do in the wild.

Out of sight from the other chimps, researchers took aside one chimp from each group and taught each a different way to use a stick to get at the food. Erika was shown how to use the stick to lift the blockage. Georgia was taught to poke the blockage with the stick until it rolled into her hands.

"We chose those individuals because they had a lot of friends in the group and we thought that the other chimps would watch them," study coauthor Victoria Horner told LiveScience.
So, chimps act like Jr. High School girls? Who would have guessed! Actually, they show lots of human characteristics because except for only 1.5% of their genes, they are us.

Or rather, we are an infantilized version of them. This is why their teeth are big and strong and so are their arms, anyone who wants to arm wrestle a chimp will find their arm ripped out of its socket. The only chimps we can manhandle are their babies and toddlers.

This is why humans handling chimps can't do it so easily once they reach more than 7 years of age. This is when they discover they are stronger than even the biggest human. If nothing else, they can rip us apart with their teeth.

All animals like to imitate. This is why we humans were able to devise training for other animals, "taming" them pretty rapidly with no help from any scientific studies. When we let dogs move in with us, we did so because dogs always imitate the leader of the pack and so all you need is the top monkey to show the dogs who is boss and bingo. They go along.

Many animals I have owned end up watching me like hawks, trying to figure out what I do and why. For example, opening doors. I have had cats, dogs, horses and even a wild crow study how I open and shut things and then, behind my back, doing it for themselves. My horse, Sparky, is very dangerous about that. I have to hide my hands when manipulating things or he will memorize how I do it and then replicate it with his lips. This means, he is a top "escape artist". He even figured out how I turned on and off the electric fence because I stupidly thought he couldn't figure out the connection between the throw switch and the fence going off.

There is a place in the brain which recognizes faces. From National Geographic:
The brain of the macaque monkey has a distinct area dedicated to recognizing faces, according to a new study.

This brain region is the first one in any animal—including humans—found to have nearly all of its nerve cells focused on a specific visual form.

The finding adds weight to the theory that the brain works like a Swiss Army knife, with separate modules set to different tasks.
This must mean that Bush's brain is like a dull butter knife? Suits me.

The media exploits this tendency to not only face-recognize but couples it with the monkey see-monkey do reflexes. This is why our pundits don't care if they are naked butts on TV or lying or fuddling facts. All they have to do is bare their fangs, wave their manes hither and yon, flash the rear buttocks, and bark. The average monkey watching this dominance display then accepts the data without looking very closely. Those who dare look at information are driven away with the monkey pundits shrieking, "Shut up! Shut up!" More than one of these silly creatures has "won" their debates with me on TV or the radio by simply cutting my mike and rattling on, showing eyebrows, fangs and rear anal gear.

It works!
Scientists already know that humans have areas of the brain that are adept at face processing. For example, some stroke victims lose the ability to identify faces yet can still recognize everyday objects.
In my case, when I was hit by lightning in 1955, one of the odd side effects was, I couldn't recognize faces unless I "tag" them in some fashion. Mostly, though, I just don't bother with it, I warn everyone I have this bizarre deficit and they can do whatever. I LOVE heraldry because that, I can remember perfectly and when I used to fight in Society of the Creative Anacronism's battles fields, I had no problem knowing who was who. And who to whack with my sword!

Once, my parents and I were flying to different airports so when we said goodbye, I figured, I wouldn't see them again for another year.

I landed at Chicago airport and changed flights to Kennedy. A stewardess approached and said, "Some people want to see you," and I wondered if it was the Secret Service or something. Heh.

Two people came to me and I stared at them. "Don't you know who we are?" my mother asked. "Who are you?" I asked.

"We're your parents! You saw us only an hour ago at the airport in Tucson!" said my father. All the passengers around me laughed.

"Oh! Now I see you!" I said. For now I could ID them. Up until then, they looked like strangers because my brain told me they were in DC so they couldn't be standing in front of me. But their flight was diverted by a blizzard so they came to NYC with me, instead and visited the UN to talk about future projects.

Maybe this is why I am unimpressed by leaders. Since they have to be processed by a different part of my brain, the "worship the top monkey ass" isn't triggered. I always wondered about this. To spot loved ones in a crowd, I have to repeat what they are wearing or picture their hair style in order to cut down on the chaos of choosing.

Maybe if more humans disabled this part of the brain we won't see anymore Hitlers or Bushes since one would always be saying, "Who on earth is that bizarre looking idiot?" instead.
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Republican Congressman's Wife Thrown Out of SOTU Speech

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The paranoia of anyone showing any signs or anything around Bubble Boy are so intense, police even removed the wife of the powerful House Defence Appropriations Subcommittee for wearing a tee shirt saying, "Support the Troops"!

From commentator at Smirking Chimp:
Beverly Young, wife of Rep. C.W. Bill Young (news, bio, voting record) of Florida — chairman of the House Defense Appropriations subcommittee — was removed from the gallery because she was wearing a T-shirt that read, "Support the Troops — Defending Our Freedom."

"Because she had on a shirt that someone didn't like that said support our troops, she was kicked out of this gallery," Young said on the House floor Wednesday morning, holding up the gray shirt.

"Shame, shame," he scolded.

Mrs. Young was sitting about six rows from first lady Laura Bush and asked to leave. She argued with police in the hallway outside the House chamber.

"They said I was protesting," she told the St. Petersburg Times. "I said, "Read my shirt, it is not a protest.' They said, 'We consider that a protest.' I said, 'Then you are an idiot.'"
Heh. The fascists consider any expression of anything to be a "protest". As always, the right wing, and this lady is a far right winger, thinks they will be granted the privilage to do whatever they wish while the rest of us have no rights at all and are forcibly silenced and crushed underfoot. The idea that she would need some civil rights eludes her, normally.

I have often seen this. "You can't do (x) to ME!" is the common refrain of people desiring privilages. Whole societies are predicated on grantig vast privilages and benefits only to select members. America was supposed to be striving to do the opposite even though we have a really crummy record in the past which is why the Civil Rights Act had to be added to the body of laws even though the Bill of Rights pretty much covers everything.

Here is an attempt at censoring Tom Toles, the Washington Post cartoonist. From Americablog:
And why not have the Pentagon try to stifle a free media while supposedly promoting freedom in Iraq? The US government just arrested one of President Bush's top political critics for threatening his life with a t-shirt. So why not now threaten a top political cartoonist for drawing a cartoon that the Pentagon doesn't like? Why not use the power of government to try to censor the media, something that's a direct violation of that pesky and quaint 1st Amendment to the US Constitution - you remember, that document the Bush administration doesn't think is relevant.
Here is the offending cartoon:

Of course, the Out of Joint Chiefs of Staff who sit in protected offices are all snippy about this, chosing to pretend the cartoon mocks the wounded when it is pointing out the obvious: the Pentagon itself has boasted about taking amputees and putting them back into Iraq!

Of course, the GOP hausfraus don't get all upset over the purple bandaids or mocking Murtha for being a Marine who actually saw warfare unlike so many officers in the Pentagon and Rumsfeld himself who never saw anyone shoot at him, ever, since he "fought" when there were no wars going on.

Ditto most GOPers. They attack amputees who dare to run for office as Democrats, they show no mercy to fellow Americans if any soldier gets in the way of the pork barrel in DC!

Even as Bill Gates backs down about censoring a Chinese man's blog and Google tries to calm us all about censoring blogs like mine if the person is googling in countries that hate me, all the world writhes with attempts at censorship or pretending they don't censor when they do it.

From the BBC:
Newspapers across Europe have reprinted caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad to show support for a Danish paper whose cartoons have sparked Muslim outrage.
Seven publications in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain all carried some of the drawings.

Their publication in Denmark led Arab nations to protest. Islamic tradition bans depictions of the Prophet.

The owner of one of the papers to reprint - France Soir - has now sacked its managing editor over the matter.

The cartoons have sparked diplomatic sanctions and death threats in some Arab nations, while media watchdogs have defended publication of the images in the name of press freedom.
Muslims are raging about this all over the world. They are now boycotting many countries. The rage is justified because the Europeans, pretending there is no censorship therefore it is OK to publish sacrilege is sheer nonsense.

Try printing a cartoon showing Sharon wearing a swastika!

There, see? No go. Right now, they put "holocaust deniers" in prison just for saying, there were no deathcamps! They are lying, of course, but putting someone in prison for this is NOT FREE SPEECH. Period. The trials of holocaust deniers goes on and on with no on in the American and few in Europe mentioning this. Again, not only are they being tried for daring to speak their minds (wrong or right, it doesn't matter), they are being put in prison in a Nazi-like "Nacht und Nebel" media blackout!

If Europe wants to act like Nazis and stop free speech and not give news coverage of loss of the right to speak freely, they have no right to persecute anyone for talking about Nazis!

This creeping censorship is all over the planet and I am 100% against it. The blog is mightier than the sword is this blog's motto. But in the end, power grows out of the state and the state can silence anyone if the corporations and newsmedia want to conspire with the state.

And this, in a nutshell, is what is wrong today. Not enough free speech. Long live the net! Blog on!
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