Monday, February 13, 2006

Killer Klowns: Once Again, The Texas Rangers And The Secret Service Hid Crimes

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Again and again, the Texas Rangers are caught covering up Bush/Cheney crimes. The entire state aparatus in Texas exists to cover up the crimes of the well connected. This is why the Texas National Guard assisted Bush in scrubbing his files of mention of his desertion, the Driver's License Bureau scrubbed his many arrests for drunk driving as well as Laura's killing of ex-boyfriend. The Secret Service tried to cover up the fact that the Bush twins illegally used fake ID in bars and actively assisted them in violating the laws, helping them bar hop! Arrest all these clowns.

From Editor and Publisher:
Asked by The New York Times why it did not make the news known, Cheney spokeswoman McBride said, "We deferred to the Armstrongs regarding what had taken place at their ranch."

Armstrong said later, according to The Associated Press, that everyone at the ranch was so "focused" on Whittington's health Saturday that it wasn't until Sunday she called the Caller-Times to report the accident.

In an odd disparity, Armstrong told the Houston Chronicle that Whittington, 78, was "bruised more than bloodied" in the incident and "his pride was hurt more than anything else." Yet he was airlifted to a hospital and has spent more than a day in an intensive care unit.

The Chronicle also reports Monday that hunting accidents are amazingly rare in Texas. In 2004, it said, the state's 1 million-plus hunters were involved in only 29 hunting-related accidents (19 involving firearms), four of which were fatal.
So, they were too "concerned" to call the cops. Yeah, right. And too busy to tell anyone. And the Secret Service which was forced to testify about Clinton's sex life have to keep mum about Cheney's murderous rampages. OK.

Why weren't all the Secret Service agents who escorted Babs and Jenna Bush on their totally illegal underage drinking expeditions arrested for helping minor girls get drunk which happens to be totally illegal? Why weren't those girls put in prison for using fake IDs? That is illegal, very illegal.

Again and again we see the Bush/Cheney clans using the police, state agents, federal officers to cover up or commit crimes with them. And this is all "in our faces" from a gang that screams "Law and Order" all the time.

This latest case is classic. The Secret Service try to cover up a crime for it is a crime to shoot other hunters. Going back over 200+ years, whenever anyone is shot, there is an investigation and an inquest. Then a report is issued and someone is either arrested or vindicated. But it is NOT ignored! The fact that the Texan authorities and the hospital covered this up makes them all complicit in a crime. For the most powerful man in America to get away with shooting someone is exactly how royalty acts.

My family remembers a king they hated so much, they decided to get rid of him. This is why we are here, when our revolt failed, back in the 1600's. The king of England was out hunting with his queen, using crossbows. She shot at a deer only she hit the man who was herding the deer towards her so she could pretend she was hunting. Since the king was going bankrupt, he and she and their nobles decided to hide the body instead of paying the family. So a scandal ensued as the beater's dogs found his body in a shallow grave.

This is what America is now. The royal hunters shoot people and then try to stick it all under some leaves. The lawyer he shot knows the law, too, and should be arrested for covering up a crime that should, by law, be investigated.

Arrest them all. We can kill several birds with one stone here. Heh. Save America.
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