Monday, February 20, 2006

New York Times Loves Brutal Police State Tactics

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As the official mouthpiece for the ruling elite, it comes as no surprize that the New York Times blacks out the story of Riverbend, in Bagdad, suffering from the horrors of a masked paratrooper invasion of her home, terrorizing herself and her younger sisters. Instead, they publish an article praising these same thugs, approving of their violent suppression of Iraqis, innocent or guilty. Welcome to our future police state they plan to run here, too.

From the New York Times:

It was the kind of smash-and-grab mission that not many months ago was conducted solely by American forces in Iraq. But this time, only one-third of the troops were American, there to observe and advise. Kicking down the door and seizing the suspect were members of the new Iraqi Counterterrorism Force.

The Bush administration has anchored its plans for troop withdrawals from Iraq on the promise of increasingly capable indigenous security units: the army, the police, border patrols and a facilities-protection service, currently totaling 227,000, although they are trained to vastly different levels of proficiency.

Now, as part of that program, American Special Operations forces commanders say they have shifted their own efforts from carrying out raids and attacks to training elite Iraqi teams to take over the most challenging missions.
The war on drugs has spawned an amazing police state here. In our collective eagerness to make Americans "healthy" and "strong" our culture has decided this requires passing laws concerning the use of medicines and foods the state wants to control. To do this, they have to invade homes quite violently. So we have developed, over time, sophistocated methods of turning our homes, which were formerly called "our castles" into prisons.

Of course, sex and drugs are favorite targets of these privacy invasions but there are many other reasons to invade homes. A zillion excuses.

Before we illegally invaded Iraq, we told the world that the Iraqi people had no freedom and Saddam terrorized and oppressed them by breaking into their homes and taking away people to be tortured and then we did exactly the same thing. And now we are "training" troops to do what we claim they did in the first place is the height of madness and if there is a god somewhere, he better have a hell ready for the people responsible for all this.

Nigeria, another oil/slave state we terrorize, is devolving into rebellion and revolution because American oil/slave states are hideous affairs that have no freedoms, no rights, no democracy and no social services. The sole function of the police state powers is to keep the populace terrorized so they don't interfer with our looting of all natural resources. Burp.

We have terrorized Central and South America for many years. This is where we perfect our police state tactics. Note how these same tactics end up being used on Americans.

For you can't run police states far away without them leaching back home to here. I have noted here in the past how Venezuela with a duly elected President who is very popular, who had to do a snap election at our instistance because we refused to believe he won the real election, he won that after we tried the old fashioned police state coup and failed and now we are in a verbal war with him and he is threatening to cut off our oil sales and sell it all to China. So we are preparing to attack him so we can impose the same sort of totally evil police state we are running in Iraq, on that country too.

The philosophy behind our elite troops is the same as the one that Hitler carved out for the SS. In the nineteenth century, governments barely were able to start organizations like the police and Scotland Yard and all that. As the states grew in power and technology, the police state extended deeper and deeper into what was once considered private territory. The mega-totalitarian police states of the twentieth century like the Soviet Union or China, for example, privacy totally disappeared. No one was allowed even the slightest sliver of privacy.

When I hosted some top Chinese officials on of the first lessons they had to learn was how to ring a door bell and ask for permission to enter. We had to practice this several times over. It was rather sad. They would ring my doorbell, I would answer and they would simply silently shove me out of the way and try to enter and I would say, "Step back! You can't come in!"

When my parents followed Nixon into China, being some of the very first Americans to stay there to do business, when my parents went into the bathroom to take a shower together and talk while the water was on, someone came into their room and tried to open the bathroom door so he could listen to them better since the microphones weren't working. Another time, my mother said something to my father, opened the bathroom door and the man listening to them fell into her chest, nearly knocking her down.

My father went off to see Cho Enlai and complained and the invasions of their bedroom ceased.

The whole furor over Bush and his minions illegally spying on Americans is exactly what this is all about. A police state giving us zero privacy. Think it can't get like China in the seventies?

Note how the media isn't screaming about spying on us! Note how there were never any big headlines, "Bush Lies About Spying On Americans--Innocent Peace Activists Targetted!" Nope. We bloggers yelled about this until hoarse but the ruling class tool papers and TV stations played along with the police statists. This is because they hate and fear fellow Americans and want to keep us in chains especially after the farce of the last six years comes crashing down. By colluding with Bush to cut taxes to the point that our government must end up in the dire arms of the IMF, they have set the stage for a really nasty police state here as they plan to squeeze us all literally to death. They are in a hurry, they have to kill off much of the baby boomers before the retire and demand their share of the Social Security pie which the rich already ate up.

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