Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rumsfeld Thinks Spending Billions On Propaganda Will Fool Muslims Into Loving Us

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Rumsfeld believes the reason Muslims hate and fear us is due to propaganda and he thinks, all we have to do is spend a lot of money borrowed from China on propaganda aimed at Muslims and they will love us as we torture, rape, kill and steal everything,

From the BBC:
The US is losing the propaganda war against al-Qaeda and other enemies, defence chief Donald Rumsfeld has said.

It must modernise its methods to win the minds of Muslims in the "war on terror", as "enemies had skilfully adapted" to the media age, he said.
"Skillful adaptaion" the "enemy" uses most often is gossip. Word of mouth passed hand to hand. If Rummy is refering to Al Jazeera TV reporting the news then I must inform him that they are not an "enemy" and indeed, thinking of a fairly neutral TV news service that isn't filled to the gills with ridiculous propaganda as an "enemy" is exactly why we are losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the Muslim world.

When a little 12 year old child was shot dead in the illegally occupied Palestinian homelands, the headlines in America was "Palestinian MAN shot dead." OK, in simple matters like this, we can't resist lying. This sort of lying is standard operations in the USA and much of Europe. We can't look at our own crimes without whitewashing them via words, making little of our own malice by maliciously belittling or warping reality to suit us, not Muslims.

It used to be, they had no voice. No news media that the rest of the world could see. I happen to trust al Jazeera much more than most stuff I see here in America.
Correspondents say that in recent months victory in the battle for public opinion has become a new front for the Bush administration.

In a speech to the Council of Foreign Relations, Mr Rumsfeld said some of the US' most critical battles were now in the "newsrooms".

"Our enemies have skilfully adapted to fighting wars in today's media age, but... our country has not," he said.
So, our "enemies" (all Muslims not working for us) are "skillfully adapted." And what is this war criminal refering to? Bin Laden and others sending out video tapes? What is so high techie about that? Bloggers talking about the stupid propaganda churned out by the New York Times and Washington Post are skillfully using media? Huh? Or the very existence of the internet is skillful and clever?

Just this last week, the Pentagon ran war games directed at the media and the internet. They specifically tagged bloggers as a potential "enemy". Co-incidentally, most of this last week, from 9-5 EST, Blogger was up and down like a yo-yo with absolutely no explanation from Blogger as to what was wrong or why.

America's rulers who own vast media empires that stretch across the nation and over the entire planet, these rulers work with their tools in the White House and Pentagon to herd the rest of humanity along the road they chose for us and here they are, they and their stupid tools, whining about bin Laden's cave and his video camera.

Our media owners and military/industrial rulers deliberately targetted al Jazeera and quite a few other reporters, killing more than a few of them. So our counter-propaganda has been mostly threats, bluster and outright murder.

This program of bullying people until they surrender is failing spectacularily. It is even failing here at home as more and more people are getting disgusted with the war for oil disguised as a war on "terror". Clue to clowns: wars on terror aren't won by terrorizing everyone.

Indeed, if America wants to stop terror, worldwide, all they have to do is stop trying to control the entire planet. Our troops are patrolling everywhere and protecting only the ruling elite of America. Two helicopters crashed yesterday, lots of dead troops. This barely rates a low level headline in America. Seems we don't want to report any news anymore except for happy face lies churned out by our rulers.

Catapult the propaganda, as Bush said so memorably.

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